I’ve received dozens of hits on my post BJCP Exam – changes coming in April 2012. Last night the new exam went live and several documents on the BJCP website were updated. I believe the document entitled BJCP Exam Structure will be the best place to start for everyone interested in how the exam program is going to appear moving forward.

Another change is the BJCP Study Guide was revised and is now a pdf. It does not include the questions for the web-based BJCP Entrance Exam (entrance exam), but it does have the REVISED questions for the Written Proficiency Exam (written exam). The written exam question pool is 20 T/F which will count against you if you get them wrong, but will not add to your score. The remainder of the exam is five questions from the pool of S0 through T15.

For prospective judges entering the program you will take the entrance exam. The cost is $10 EACH time you take it and it is a 60 minute timed test with 200 questions so be sure to prepare adequately. Potential examinees can take a free 20 question 6 minute exam on the exam website. The question pool is not published and is randomly assigned from thousands of questions. If the exam was setup as planned,the multiple choice will also randomly be assigned so if the same question pops up on two exams the correct answer will not be in the same position. Information on the BJCP Entrance Exam is available on the BJCP website specifically in the BJCP Exam Center page.

Thanks go out to all those who helped make this a reality. A truly great step forward to the program!