National Chocolate Day

OMG today is National Chocolate Day. I don’t care what you drink today, but make sure you have some chocolate with it. Chocolate pairs in many forms with alcohol in all forms and can make for a terrific experience. So if you aren’t prepared for today head for the store and get some beer, wine, or spirits and some chocolate to accompany your selection and end the week with a sensory experience. Cheers to Chocolate!!!


New Beer Woes

There is nothing I hate worse than thinking you are trying a new beer only to discover you have had it before, sometimes many times before. I play on Untappd and it helps track new beers, but often I pick before I consult the app and sometimes when I do I get burned. Tonight was one of those times and after making my beer selection I found I had actually had the beer before. Luckily it was the best of the bunch so having it again was not particularly disappointing, but I still prefer to select something new and local when I have a choice. In this case the it was the beer of choice and so I happily drained the glass and ordered another round. Life is tough doncha know!


Fantôme Reply = Coolest Thing Ever!

Yesterday my topic was an upcoming Fantôme event scheduled at a local watering hole and how the beers were all something I already had in the fridge. I received a comment from Dany Prignon and to me that is just about the coolest thing ever. I started my foray into Fantôme beers back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. We were going over the saison style and a buddy suggested we get together and try several. He had many different Fantôme bottles and I was instantly hooked. Sure they were outside the BJCP style guidelines at the times and knowledge of how to make a great homebrewed saison was limited because Farmhouse Ales was not published until 2004. One of my dreams is to actually visit Fantôme and meet Dany so to see him make a comment on my blog is awesome. Perhaps one day I will snap a photo of all my Fantôme bottles, but one of my absolute favorite beers from them is Brise-BonBons! Now if I could just find one of their tulip glasses I’d be a happy man!


Fantôme Event?

I happened to see a Fantôme event scheduled at a local watering hole on Halloween and thought I might go join in the fun. Then I looked at the beer lineup and I have the majority of them in my fridge and don’t have to spend $35 beans to go taste them. Of course the bottles were not cheap so at $35 the event is more or less a bargain, but it was quite a disappointment to see there were no extra special bottles of their beer which are made of unobtanium. I like going to events where something special is presented which cannot be easily obtained so this one might turn out to be a pass even though Fantôme has always been a favorite brewery.


NC Governor Election

A few days ago I made a few suggestions for President, but after seeing the N&O endorse Roy Cooper for Governor thought it might be best to detail who should be elected as Governor. Once again I must remind everyone there are only two topics I concern myself with for this blog, firearms and fermentation. Since alcohol is not a hot button topic as part of this election let’s concern ourselves with firearms. In that regard the choice is obvious, Pat McCrory. I can see left leaning readers bringing up HB2 and I suggest they delve into the truth of the matter, not simply the media hype. Charlotte passed an ordinance and the legislature reacted to quash it and soon after it was signed by McCrory. If CLT would have rescinded their ordinance then HB2 would have never happened. I see it going away at some point in the future, but to blame HB2 on McCrory is asinine. Cooper has refused to defend statute law on topics where he differed as Attorney General. He needs to be reminded his job does not allow him to decide what he can and cannot defend based on his personal beliefs. He was elected to a job and if he refuses to do his job he should either resign or be fired. He is a career politician and has never been a friend to the firearm owner and will not be if elected to officer. His inability to carry out his previous duties and desire to strip gun rights is enough for me to vote AGAINST him now and forever. So when you go to the polls in NC vote McCrory if gun rights are something you value and vote Cooper if you believe elected officials should be able to shirk duties of their position.


PBR, Acceptable Or Not?

Simply put, of course it is acceptable. There is a beer for everyone and even though most of the American lagers are very similar there is nothing wrong at all with someone preferring a particular beer. Yesterday I picked up a 12 pack of PBR to go with some BBQ and if you position it in your mind as a Classic American Pilsner you might be surprised at how your perception of the beer changes. At $6.99 a twelve it was the beer that’s in when the wallet’s thin or the beer to have when you are having more that one. So if you like a particular beer, go ahead and fill the fridge if you want to and don’t feel ashamed. If someone wants to poo-poo your selection then tell them to bring over something else. It’s your house, it ain’t Burger King, you get it my way or you don’t get it at all!


$2 Restaurant Beers

I was at a restaurant last night with someone who does not drink and noticed all their bottled beers were on special for $2. For a frugal person like me, that was a wonderful sight, but I stuck with ice water since my companion was a teetotaler. They even had a few decent ones in the mix. Oh well, perhaps at some point in the future I can sneak in and grab the deal!


Some Things Never Change

Visited a brewpub last night which I had not been to in at least 8 years and perhaps 10 and found not much had changed. The first time I went there I thought the location was a bit odd, at the entrance of a subdivision area, and I still find it odd. The interior is part old wood, but not dark wood, and muted paint colors giving a very professional feel to the place. The bar has numerous TVs, all on mute, giving it a sports bar persona in that area. The food is higher end, but not quite white tablecloth. The beer is good and it was still good. I like a brewpub or restaurant to carry a vibe I can get into and this one just doesn’t suit me well. Either be a sports bar or be fine dining, but don’t try to be both at the same time. It is located in a beach community so how about some beach feel to the place which seems to be missing. It’s made it for many years so it must be doing something right, but for me, it just isn’t a place I can call home. I enjoyed it last night, and I enjoyed it several years ago, but I may not be back to enjoy it again for awhile.


How Do Gangs Get Their Guns?

It’s not the way you might think which is to obtain them by using some media fueled gun show loophole, the way they actually get them is to steal them or obtain them through a straw purchase. Here’s what is interesting about both those methods, they are ILLEGAL! During the most recent hurricane, there were several stories from FL and SC of gun store theft during the storm. The thieves basically knocked down a wall and went in and took what they wanted. I’m not sure how you could actually prevent that from happening. Even the most secure building has a weak point which could be used for entry. I mentioned watching Black Market and it is worth mentioning again to check out the episode. No additional laws are going to stop theft and straw purchases, what we need to do is fully enforce the laws we have when we catch the criminals. No more slaps on the wrist and time served. Make the new war one on criminal activity with guns. At least that way when we did catch someone and prosecute we would not see them in court again for a long time!