Catch An Officer Doing Something Right

Hopefully in the future we will see more examples of Police Officers doing something right. It seems as of late we only hear about them doing something wrong. How about more like the officer who talked the guy out of jumping off the bridge, stopped the active shooter, arrested the super villain, or got the cat out of the tree. OK, that last one is a fireman, but you get the drift. I hope to find more positive police related posts in the future myself, it seems most as of late have not been stellar. With that in mind, tomorrow (or in the near future) I plan to focus on an officer who should be reprimanded and fired. Be on the lookout.


Should We Abolish Gun-Free Zones?

I noticed where Trump indicated he would abolish gun-free zones as part of a recent speech and it got me thinking, should we abolish gun-free zones? My answer may surprise some of you, but I would say no. I believe it is up to each and every individual business to decide whether or not someone can carry on their premises. I would suggest the signage and sign placement be unified to avoid confusion, but I don’t want to tell a business what they can and cannot do and I don’t particularly want a governmental mandate telling a business they must allow something. I know firearms are part of the constitution, but nowhere in the constitution does it say I can trounce on the rights of another person or business. Now a unified sign ordinance would be useful. No more would I have to walk into a SECU and peek behind a bush to find the gunbuster sign. PS: SECU, if I cannot see the sign, I cannot abide by it. I should not have to go out of my way to determine if a business is gun friendly or not.

Now as far as governmental/municipal gun-free zones, yes, abolish them other than in the court of law, police stations, or select other offices. The NC law on the matter is pretty good and I’d have no problem with that mentality being adopted nationwide. As far as signage SC has a crystal clear law on signage and I’d have no problem with that being adopted nationwide. Of course if a business has a gunbuster sign I might refrain from entering. You never hear of a mass shooting or criminal activity in an area where people are armed, it’s the unarmed citizens who are targeted to become victims.


Liquor Rebates

It is rare I find a bottle tag on something I am after in the liquor store which has a rebate, but occasionally it does happen. In many stores the rebate/forms are near the front in a designated area, but occasionally they are hanging off the bottle. I typically do not allow that to drive my purchase habits, but if the deal is really good I will try something I might not have purchased. Recently while out of town I needed some vodka for bloody marys so I purchased three bottles of the vodka my wife likes which had rebate forms. I inadvertently forgot to jot down the UPC numbers before we left so I confirmed with the people we were visiting the numbers matched our bottle at home. The rebate was pretty good, $3 per bottle so $9 total since we had purchased three. As I filled out the forms and gathered the required receipt and prepared to send off I noticed in the fine print the rebate was through December 31, 2015 so it was no longer valid. It would not have changed what I purchased, but I would not have wasted time on it had I taken a second to read the fine print and realize the bottles had been on the shelf for awhile or had been tagged long ago in the case and finally brought out to stock the shelf. The moral of the story is twofold, first check to see if something you might be purchasing has a rebate and second to be sure the rebate is still available.


When You Vilify An Organization, You Vilify The Membership Of The Organization

I routinely see gun control groups work feverishly to vilify the NRA. They spout the organization as the root of all evil and blame it for gun violence nationwide. What they and their followers seem to fail to grasp is everytime you post a meme, tweet, article, or an interview which disparages the organization you disparage the membership. Now the NRA is not ridiculously large, in fact it has less than 5 million members. What the NRA does have is 5 million members who actually vote and care about one thing in common, the Second Amendment. In 2012 there were 125 million votes cast for President so the NRA membership is really just a drop in the bucket of available votes. There is another segment of the population who are gun owners and are not NRA members. Some of those also see an attack on the NRA as an attack on gun ownership. So what the gun control groups need to realize is vilifying gun owner is not going to achieve their goals. If the ultimate goal is confiscation then I’d suggest the groups give up because that simply is not going to happen. If tomorrow the government was instructed to round up all the firearms in the US the overwhelming response from gun owners would be a demonstration of why that is a horrifically bad idea. What the gun control groups chant is common sense gun laws, but the reality is they have not applied common sense in the first place. We need to absolutely crack down on anyone breaking gun laws. Not long ago I posted about a straw purchase scheme where they guy got a suspended sentence. What he should have received was a long time behind bars and additional jail time for any crime where a gun he supplied was used in a crime. This week Chicago will crest over 1,400 people shot so far this year and we should take a look at where and why these shootings are occurring. If it is inner city gang violence, and it is, then how in the heck can one blame the NRA for the crimes? I see supposedly intelligent people talking about stronger purchase laws, but not one of them screaming when the laws on the books are not applied quickly and with maximum penalties. So quit telling me how much of a monster an organization is and start shouting about how the law should be upheld and you’ll have my attention. Vilification is not the answer, a call to prosecute gun crimes to the fullest extent of the law is a step in the right direction and to me seems like common sense.


Be Careful Following Any Consumption

The paper today had a story about a family who was vacationing on the NC coast and their interaction with the local police led to the mother being arrested, ferried off the island, and spending the night in jail. Most officers are simply trying to do their job, but there is a segment of the officer population who are overzealous and charge citizens when no charges are warranted. In the article the woman allowed her son to drive a golf cart when he was too young. The family had dinner nearby and when her son asked to drive back she said yes, but he was five years too young. In the cart was her son, her husband, their younger daughter, and a 22 year-old niece. The woman had some wine with dinner, but no one was intoxicated according to the woman, her husband, and the niece. When police pulled over the golf cart the agitated officer eventually arrested the woman for intoxication, child abuse, and assorted other charges, all because of a poor decision to allow an 11 year-old to drive the golf cart a few blocks home.

The video of the mother’s arrest is here:

Personally I find the police in coastal areas to be overzealous and eager to charge behavior. There was a T-Shirt everyone got back in the day which said Property Of Myrtle Beach Police Department since so many were often arrested for public intoxication. While I never have spent any time behind bars I have seen aggressive police pushing trumped up charges in coastal areas. One night we had two designated drivers taking us back to the house we had rented after a night of consumption. One was driving a new model car which was sporty for the time and the other was driving a 4 cylinder, 4 door, 10 or more year old Chevy Cavalier. The two cars stopped side-by-side and the driver of the Cavalier, the car I was in with three other people, rubbed the dash as if to say my car will beat your car. The driver of the sporty model which was also carrying four people put the car in neutral and revved up the engine and so the driver of the Cavalier did the same. When the light turned green the sporty car squealed a tire and accelerated to the speed limit, 35 mph. The Cavalier drove forward as anyone would leave after a light turns green. Within a half mile a blue light came on and the sporty car was pulled over and because the driver of the Cavalier was not sure of the way home he pulled over as well. They were both told to drive a mile or so away and to follow the police officer and were eventually charged with prearranged racing. Let that sink in, prearranged racing in a 4 door, 4 cylinder, Chevy Cavalier with 4 passengers. On a good day the car might do 0 – 60 mph in 20 second, but with 4 passengers I’ll bet that time would be closer to 30 seconds. It would be impossible to race anything another than another 4 cylinder of the day and even then the race would be about as exciting as watching paint dry. The drivers ended up having to go to court and as ludicrous as it sounds they ended up with community service and for joking around at the stoplight and the sporty car turning over a tire, but neither ever going above the speed limit.

Back in college I was the designated driver once and our agreement was the DD could have a single beer during the night so when we first entered the establishment I ordered my beer and proceeded to consume it over the next hour, but at some point about halfway through the beer it was spilled by someone in the bar so I was dry from that point forward. At the end of the night I was driving four other passengers home in the sporty Honda and because it had a digital speedometer I drove exactly at the posted limit. As I passed a 45 mph sign I checked the speed and was spot on. I knew in about a mile the speed dropped to 35 mph so I began to slow as I passed a police officer coming out a road to my right and then one to my left. As it was after 2 am I expected to be pulled and sure enough a mile or so later I was blue-lighted and pulled into a grocery store parking lot. The police officer ordered me out of the car and asked it I had been drinking and I told them I had drank half a beer all night because it was spilled and I was the DD. They asked if I knew what my speed was and I conveyed the speedometer was digital and exactly where the speed changes occurred and where each of them pulled out to follow our vehicle. They asked me to breathe into a hat which I did. After some difficulty finding the registration, the owner was in the passenger seat, they told us we could go but to slow down. I asked them why because I was driving the speed limit. Luckily the situation did not escalate and end up with me spending a night cuffed and stuffed. Back then there were no dash or body cams.

The moral of the story is to be careful after consuming alcohol if there is a chance you might come in contact with an officer. Follow all the laws and of course comply with instructions and hopefully your interaction will be positive.


Wanna Ban Or Restrict Firearms, Do This First

Had a thought this morning if you are a staunch gun control supporter, then before you begin a campaign to ban or restrict a particular type of firearm you should take a short class on that firearm and fire it at the end of the class. I’m not seeing this as an all involved Basic Pistol class, but more of an introduction to firearms which would last a couple of hours and be offered at an affordable cost. Of course the student would not be able to fire off too many rounds or the cost of the course would escalate, but I think having someone shoot and AR or a semi-automatic pistol would at least give them some knowledge and might remove the mystique and fear they feel of that particular firearm for certain individuals. I’m not asking them to change their view, just to enhance it through knowledge. Wanna ban ARs, then take a class on them. Wanna restrict handguns, then take a class on them. Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll offer an introduction to firearm class for gun control advocates, the question is would they even bother to attend for fear they might actually change their mind!


Gluten Free – Beer, Liquor, Wine?

There is a segment of the population who have celiac disease and are basically allergic to gluten. The number is less than 2 million in the US so that translates to less than 0.7% of the population. Some say there are many in the US who have not been diagnosed so let’s be generous and round it up to 1% of the population. So for every 100 people you see, 1 may have celiac disease, or for every 150 people you see, 1 has been diagnosed with the disease. What does that mean exactly? Most people concerned about gluten have nothing to be concerned about, if you believe you are sensitive to gluten then go to a physician and get properly diagnosed. If you just want to remove gluten from your diet for the heck of it, then you probably have peanut and lactose allergies as well and should stay away from power lines as they will mess up your chakras so do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about cause that’s what it’s all about. As you can tell I’m not convinced by self-diagnosis or diagnosis by holistic healers, get your butt to a specialist and find out for sure.

So if you truly are suffering from celiac disease then gluten is the enemy. There are gluten free beers, but I’ve never had one which actually tasted good enough to have again so my suggestion is you skip beer consumption altogether. While you may have loved beer prior to your diagnosis, you have a disease and gluten is the enemy so don’t let the enemy get close to you. I know if I had a disease which could be managed by removing something from my diet I would do so immediately. So what does that leave for the beer lover. You could do hopped ciders or meads to get the beer bittering and floral characteristics. Most other alcoholic beverages are gluten free. I am told wine and most distilled liquors are fine, but one should be careful because some have reported reactions to certain liquors. I’d suggest you do some research and then decide if you should try a particular brand. Often you can purchase individual small bottles of popular brands if you want to sample something to determine if you like the taste.

So the bottom line is skip the beer, go for the wine, mead, and cider, and carefully choose your spirits. Of course first go to the doctor and get properly diagnosed, otherwise you are simply eliminating gluten without having all the facts.


Zimmerman – Pathetic

I guess I have avoided posting about George Zimmerman because I could not locate any blog entries surrounding the man. In case you haven’t heard, Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in Florida and the jury in his trial did not find him guilty of murder. Later Zimmerman made the news for several domestic disputes and once again for traffic violations. I took a good look at the evidence in his trial and would also have to acquit based on what was presented. After that trial I had definitely heard enough about Zimmerman, but he continues to pop up at least once a year for some stupid act. His latest newsworthy event is selling the pistol he shot Martin with. He did not simply sell the pistol in a private transaction, he auctioned it off to the highest bidder. Gunbroker deleted his auction when he tried to sell it there (good for them), but United Gun Group took the stance it would allow all legal sales. The level of bad taste here is off the charts and while I do believe Zimmerman has the legal right to sell his firearm, but I personally would not facilitate that in any way, shape, or form.

Zimmerman has had more than his 15 minutes of fame. I don’t wish his harm, but I do wish him to go away, far, far, away. In all honestly if I never hear his name again it will be too soon!


America? I don’t think so!

When I heard the news Budweiser was temporarily changing it’s name to America this summer I was stunned. I guess many others were as well since it now appears on Snopes. While I’m sure some will embrace the marketing, I’m just not feeling it. A Belgium company putting America on their product just seems wrong. You would think the US would trademarked America and locked it down so tight it could only be used with permission, but I guess it’s fair game. Perhaps we should market douchebags named America because we seem to have a plethora of them in DC. I wasn’t buying BMC before and I certainly will not be buying Bud products moving forward. I don’t feel like this is an act of patriotism, rather a marketing scheme and one which does not portray America in a positive light.


Will Suppressors Ever Not Be NFA?

When will the ATF let their cash cow out of the barn and make suppressors no longer NFA items? I suspect never, they like collecting the fees far too much. If they would take a long hard look at the paperwork backlog incurred by suppressors and the fact they can be used effectively for hunting and shooting sports to reduce noise they might arrive at the conclusion they should simply be transferred the same way firearms are through an FFL. I’d personally love to own one, but every time I think it would be a good idea there’s that pesky $200 tax staring me in the face. Why can’t I simply go to my local FFL and purchase one and go home. It isn’t like they automatically connect to every firearm, the firearm has to be modified in order to connect to the suppressor unless it is one of the new Flightlight Industries receivers and even then you would be stuck shooting .22LR which is not something desirable by any criminal element except for perhaps a hit man and that profession really only happens in Hollywood movies. So how about it ATF, let’s flip the script and make suppressors equal to other firearms and not subject to NFA paperwork and taxes!



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