Perfect Prepper Firearms

So I’m not a doomsday type of individual, but I do believe it is intelligent to be prepared. I guess in some ways any level of preparedness would earn one the title of prepper whether they believe the end of the world is near or not. I was watching a movie last night and the heroine picked up an M-16 and carried it and a 1911 for much of the movie. I started thinking about it and with the popularity of the modern sporting rifle an AR is the perfect choice. While not everyone will have one and ammo in stores has been scarce at times the rifle is in many homes across the US. The magazines are compatible for all ARs and even some other rifles although running into them would be a rare occurrence. So if you were looking for something you could have, but also might find ammunition and magazines for while out and about the AR would be the rifle of choice. One caveat, be sure the one you choose is chambered for 5.56 and .223. If it is chambered for only a .223 your ammunition choices will be limited to .223. Since a shotgun typically does not have a magazine the cartridge would be the area to focus on and none is more popular in the US than the 12 gauge. I personally have never had any issue other than a broken safety button on a pump-action 12 gauge so that would be my suggestion for those looking for a dependable shotgun.

Handguns are a much more difficult bird to tackle. A revolver would make sense except it is not as popular now as it once was. Even with the semi-automatic leading the market a .357 Magnum would make sense as it could chamber both .38 Special and .357 Magnum. You are limited in capacity to typically five or six rounds, but malfunctions in revolvers are rare. My favorite, a Ruger GP100, would be a bit large in a 6″ barrel to carry full time, but a 4″ might fit the bill well and you could throw it at someone if you ran out of bullets. As far as semi-automatic handguns your choices to find something universal and easy to find are limited. A 1911 is an excellent choice because magazines would be universal and .45 Auto ammo should be easy to locate. Even during the ammo scare it seemed to be available even though it was somewhat limited. The last suggestion I have for a semi-automatic would be a Glock 19 or even consider a Glock 26. Most law enforcement agencies carry Glock 17/19 or have in the past and the firearm is very popular. The 19 will accept a 17 magazine and the 26 will accept both the 17 and the 19 although it looks a bit peculiar with the larger magazine. The 9mm ammo is a cinch to locate and should be plentiful everywhere in the US.

So let’s recap what I would suggest as a list of firearms which are easy on budget, reliable, and would serve you well in the event of a long term emergency situation.
-S&W M&P Sport (5.56/.223)- $600 or used $450+
-Mossberg 500 (12 gauge )- $300 or used $200 or less
-Ruger GP100 4″ (.357 Magnum) – $600 or used $450+
-Rock Island M1911 (.45 Auto) – $450 or used $350
-Glock 19 (9mm) – $550 new or LE trade in $300
If you have other suggestions, please let us know.


National Whiskey Sour Day

National Whiskey Sour Day is actually Thursday, August 25, but it popped into my brain today so I thought why not blog about it. Back in the day we consumed a metric buttload of whiskey sours and often the night would not end well mainly due to over consumption of alcohol and poorly made sour mix. In fact I’m not sure I’ve had a whiskey sour which didn’t come from a crappy plastic bottle purchased at a grocery store. Even out at bars it would be a Mr & Mrs T mix or some other off brand. I thought it might be good today, a few days out, to dive into what a good whiskey sour should contain. First and foremost it should have whiskey and preferably Bourbon. It doesn’t have to be top shelf, but shy away from the lowest common denominator. I think once we bought some off brand whiskey and nobody felt stellar afterwards so get something decent for the base spirit. The recipe is simply 1:1 lemon juice and simple syrup or to break it down further 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part sugar, and 1 part water. Another recipe is 4.5 parts lemon juice to 1 part sugar, but their next recipe with simple syrup is 1.5 parts lemon juice, 1 part sugar, and 1 part water. Another recipe uses a mix of citrus juice to end with 2 parts juice, 2 parts water, and 1 part sugar. And the final recipe for comparison is 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part lime juice, 1 part sugar, and 1 part water. So basically anything goes, but in the end lemon juice and sugar is the common denominator. After my experiences with sour mixed whiskey back in the day I might just stick with a Bourbon and skip all the silly mixing to celebrate the day.😉


NC Residents We Will Need Your Help

Recently homebrewing came under attack in NC by overzealous ABC representation. They had the opinion that competitions and other activities happening outside of the home were illegal because they were not specifically mentioned in the statutes and policy. A plan is being created to change that moving forward to create laws which cannot be misconstrued and which will clarify the legality of competitions in the state. Please visit Operation Liberate Homebrew and join the OLH Facebook page to learn more. As things progress I will detail them on the blog and also how you can become involved to enact change!


Yoga And Beer

I routinely see breweries with yoga, run clubs, and other exercise programs. While I think that is awesome it should be noted that the beer comes after the exercise. I enjoy yoga and while intoxicated yoga would be fun to watch, it would not be fun to do. I can see a large group of people trying tree pose and injuries from impaired balance. Also alcohol is not wonderful for hydration. Stick with water until after cool down and even while having beer or other alcoholic beverages a glass of water is an intelligent decision. Of course if someone does want to start a drunk yoga club and post videos to YouTube it could be fun to watch!


NC State Trooper Shooting Of Hearing Impaired Driver

Often on the blog we talk about how important it is to comply with officer instructions. The news report came through about an incident which happened Thursday near Charlotte, NC where a State Trooper shot a hearing impaired driver as he exited the vehicle. Information about the situation is still coming out, but the news report would make one think the man was pulled over and then shot as he exited the vehicle. What actually happened is a trooper attempted to pull the speeding car over and eventually another trooper became involved and they chased the vehicle for six miles. Eventually when there was no response to the lights and siren they bumped the car to get it to stop. When the driver finally pulled over and stopped in a neighborhood he exited the vehicle and the officer shot and killed the driver. As of right now that is about all that is known, but in the coming days more information should emerge.


St. Bernardus – A Must Have

It is rare anymore I see a beer I must have, but when it does happen I will try to find it anywhere. Most of the time the item I want is not what everyone else has their eye on. Recently St. Bernardus changed their profile photo to show their 2016 magnum bottle and I want it bad. I believe I will have something to celebrate very soon and should that happen as a reward plan to make this one mind if I find it. I typically find magnums to be overpriced, but in this case I may make an exception.

St Bernardus

What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation

Recently in Raleigh there were loud bangs in the mall and some shoppers literally lost their mind in the scramble to get out of harm’s way. Of course in the end there was no shooter, firearm, shell casings, bullet fragments, or anything to demonstrate a shot was ever fired. Today I will go over what you should do in an active shooter situation should you ever find yourself in one. First and foremost know your surroundings. I would say 99% of us are oblivious as we go about our lives. Almost every building has at least two entrance/exit points and try to locate those as you enter. I know I was sitting at dinner in a new restaurant last week and my first glances were to locate the exit since I knew where I had entered. Once that was accomplished only then I took the time to look at the menu. If there is only one entrance then position yourself where you can easily see it. Now you have taken the first step toward protecting yourself and your family should a situation arise.

The absolute best plan is to adhere to the mantra Run – Hide – Fight. What that means is if you can get out and away you do that first. However there are some things to keep in mind. In the Raleigh melee a young man was not thinking clearly and rather than heading to the right or left continued straight off the parking deck and landed two stories down breaking his jaw and arm. Also do not pull a Rickon. If you are a Game Of Thrones fan you will remember when the young man was told to run away and he chose to run in a straight line rather than taking cover. As you can tell it did not end well for him. Since you know there is an active shooter strive to put walls or other objects between you and the shooter. So run, but run with caution and purpose. Trampling others to get yourself to safety is not good citizenship. Work as a group if necessary to get as far away from the shooter as possible. Be prepared to be engaged by law enforcement and keep your hands in plain sight at all times and obey any and all commands given by law enforcement.

The next one should be easy to understand, simply hide. Take the time to mute the cellphone so it will not give away your position and barricade any doors if in an office or closet. Only hide if you cannot get out and away. Do not make any loud noises and keep quiet as if your life depends on it because it does. Only emerge from hiding when instructed by law enforcement or if the all clear is given.

It should be pointed out that while you are making your exit you should be preparing to hide if necessary and while hiding you should be preparing to fight. If the shooter is coming to you and you cannot run or your hiding place is compromised you must fight and fight with everything you have. Improvise a weapon if you do not have something already. In an office the furniture may be too sturdy to create a club, but a pencil or pen would work as a shank if needed. A fire extinguisher could be your weapon of choice, or perhaps there is a kitchen area with a knife. Anything to stop the shooter and even better if a group attacks at one time. While someone may be hurt or even killed in a group surge on the shooter the threat can be stopped. The time to stop attacking the shooter is when they are no longer a threat to you or others. Until that time gouge, stomp, kick, club, stab, strangle, and anything else you must do to save lives.

Hopefully you will never find yourself in an active shooter situation, but should it happen remember to Run – Hide – Fight.

Can You Afford Alcohol?

I recently saw a meme which was really trying to prove you need a living wage, but the wheels turning. It basically said you cannot save your way out of poverty and mentioned splurging on a $5 coffee. The issue is those in poverty cannot afford to splurge on anything, especially a $5 coffee. I can recall a time where money was very tight and so I stopped purchasing any drink other than water on the rare occasion when I went out to eat with friends. That simple strategy saved me from $1-$3 and today the only non-alcoholic beverage I have with any meal other than breakfast is water. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of today’s post. If someone makes $10 per hour and works full-time they will have $400 before taxes each week. At the end of the year the W2 will show they earned $20,800 and they would have taken home almost $18K. Making some general assumptions of a $300 car payment, $600 rent, $200 utilities, and $200 food then they will have left only $200 in discretionary income per month. Since they saved nothing for retirement in this oversimplified example I would say this person cannot afford to buy alcohol and needs to lower their monthly bills or supplement their income. I’ve seen more than a few college grads get out on their own and get an apartment costing $1,000-1,500 a month when they could get a roommate and cut those costs in half. I would say the person in my example should not pay for an expensive cell phone plan and should find the least expensive plan and phone they can where they can just make or receive a call. If they did buy a six pack of craft beer it would cost nearly $10 and leave them with only $190 remaining for the rest of the month. Now if they could cut expenses or supplement enough then perhaps buying alcohol would not break the bank.

I know I post on various beverages over time, some of them pricey, but at heart I am a saver rather than a spender. I like to know I am buying quality when I plunk down my hard earned dollar at a store, restaurant, or bar and when the selected beverage is substandard I feel like I have wasted my money and time. Try to be selective with how you spend your money and before dropping $5 on a coffee as a splurge, perhaps decide to drink the coffee at work and save that coin for a truly great beverage later on in the week. We’ve become a Starbucks society and don’t blink an eye at spending $5 or more on a beverage we can make at home for pocket change. If you are a caffeine addict and get your fix at a coffee shop keep in mind $5 per weekday is $1,300 per year and even a single dollar per weekday is $260 per year.

Probably not exactly what you expected from the blog today, but sometimes people need a wake up call. Often those who can least afford it spend money is the most absurd ways. Smoking is one example. It costs you when you purchase the cigarettes and also later for medical costs associated with your nicotine habit. With a pack of smokes ringing in at $5 a pack a day habit would cost you $1,825 annually. That is money that could be used to feed yourself or the family or even better could be socked away for retirement. Only after all needs are met and retirement is funded should one start to splurge on luxuries such as alcohol. If you can’t afford it then don’t buy it and if you can afford it, be sure what you are getting is going to be satisfactory, otherwise it is a waste of money.


Looks Like I Am Going To Live Forever!

A 102-year-old woman in South Carolina says drinking beer is the secret to a long life. A 109-year-old woman in England swears by whiskey. A 110-year-old woman in New Jersey has three beers and a scotch every night and swears it is the secret to eternal life. If alcohol is the commonality between the three than I am going to live forever! On the other hand if the common factor is gender then I am sadly doomed.😉



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