Bottled Beer Dating

No, I’m not talking about taking a beer out on the town hoping to get lucky, I’m interested in the date or code on the bottle which gives you some reasonable idea of when it was filled. Heck, I’ll settle for a best by date if nothing else. Last night I pulled a gem from the archive and with no clue as to the year it was crafted could not check it in on Untappd and didn’t snap a photo because I had nothing to pin it down as to when it was filled. Now in the beer’s defense the technology to mark that on the bottle or label was pretty darn expensive back then and for a small brewery could be problematic to procure. Today that should not be the case unless you are hand bottling. A production model injet printer could be installed for a modest amount and tell everyone exactly when the beer was made. So what I would like to see is all bottled (and canned) beers not bottled by hand to have some indication of the date. That way you can tell if the beer on the shelf is fresh or aged and if you cellar the beer how long it has sat around just waiting to be consumed. FWIW the beer last night was delicious and was at least 10-15 years old, but I will never know the exact date because they did not date the label or bottle. From now on if I plan to hold onto a beer for awhile and it does not have a date I’ll probably just put when I bought it on the cap so later I won’t have to wonder.


Postmortem On Open Carry At RNC

We all heard the media cry wolf about the potential for mayhem if law-abiding citizens openly carried firearms at the RNC. Some even wanted the Governor to declare a state of emergency in order to infringe upon the rights of citizens. I checked every source I could think of an found zero incidents of a firearm discharge outside the RNC and zero incidents of anyone openly carrying a firearm being arrested, detained, or even spoken to in an unflattering manner by law enforcement. It simply didn’t happen.

What did happen? People who demonstrated by burning a flag were arrested. I personally believe the only time a flag should be burned is when it is being properly disposed of and in that case flag etiquette should be followed. Any instance of an American flag on the ground, trampled, or burned should be a crime within the US borders.


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Smithsonian Institution Craft Beer Historian

Fancy yourself a Craft Beer Historian and have a strong desire to work in Washington, DC? Well here is your chance. The Smithsonian is looking for people just like you. The job description below doesn’t sound quite as romantic as the article in Washingtonian described, but nonetheless this might be just the opportunity for someone with a strong desire to research beer culture since 1960. I know if I was going for this position my suggestion for research would be for me to visit breweries and gather information on the topic. I can envision sitting on a stool working my way through the sampler while taking notes and afterwards asking the barkeep to line it up again so I can be sure I fully understand their lineup. Multiply that experience times 4,000+ breweries in the US and you have yourself a heck of a job.😉


So What’s Next?

At one time wine was all the rage and led the marketplace while craft beer was looked down on as a working man’s beverage. Today that leader is decidedly craft beer with wine taking a backseat. Don’t get me wrong, wine is still selling like hotcakes, but beer is now the hot ticket and even wine snobs are having a brewski or two on occasion. Bourbon has become hot over the last few years and snagging a bottle of something special has become difficult with everyone who is not hunting for particular bottles or brands. With craft cocktails liquor sales have undoubtedly increased, but I’m wondering what the next big thing will be moving forward. I don’t see beer backing off, but I do think it may be reaching the peak if it has not already and wine peaked sometime back. If mead ever caught on the supply would evaporate in an instant due to how few meaderies there are in the US. Cider has definitely been coming into it’s own the last few years and may continue to increase. If you have a feeling as to what might be next post a comment and let us know.


Remington R51 Reintroduction

Apparently the Remington R51 is coming back out in August. You may recall it was first introduced in 2014 to much acclaim, but quickly it became apparent it should have never left the drawing board. I’ve followed the firearm since it was first announced with my last post on the topic happening in May. If Remington wants to send me one for review I’d happily give it a whirl, but it will be quite awhile before I plop down any coin on the pistol after the fiasco which was the 2014 model.


The Do’s And Dont’s Of Talking About Gun Violence noted in their piece Americans for Responsible Solutions rebranding gun control the message is changing and gun owners should take note. I’m not sure what legislation might be proposed, but changing the message to take focus off the NRA and and Second Amendment would certainly make any message more palatable and appear more benign. Gun owners need to carefully critique any new legislation to be sure the measures are truly an effort to curb illegal guns and not an attack on on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Maybe the group will eventually even figure out common sense is two words.

Gun Violence.JPG

That Ain’t Right – I Had Enough Of What Ain’t Right!

Remember the words of Danny Glover as Malachi Johnson in the movie Silverado? That’s what came to mind today as I learned of the shooting of a healthcare worker in Miami. An autistic patient wandered out of a facility on Monday and Charles Kinsey went to find him and bring him back. In the meantime the police were called and somehow they believed a person with a gun was in a neighborhood. In reality it was an autistic man with a toy truck and a healthcare worker. The police asked him to lay on the ground and he did with his hands up as you can clearly see in the video. The moment of the shooting is not in the video, but you can clearly see Charles Kinsey complying with police commands. Kinsey was shot in the leg and according to some sources the officer shot his rifle three times!

So my immediate thought would be accident, but the officer could certainly tell Kinsey was no threat so the only conceivable threat would be the autistic patient. Why was he not the one shot and the rifle pointed at him? Kinsey had identified himself clearly on the video as a healthcare professional and had pointed out the autistic man had a toy. Why not stand down? Unless the officer had their firearm on select fire (automatic three shot burst), and the muzzle rise was such that the last bullet in the sequence contacted Kinsey, I can see no need for three shots and the officer needs to learn to keep their finder OFF THE TRIGGER! I’m at a loss for this one folks. There are no winners in this situation because an officer either mishandled the firearm or decided to shoot someone. I suspect charges will be filed against the officer he least of which would be negligent discharge of a firearm.


Foothills Hop Of The Month?

I gotta say I absolutely loved it when Foothills had their IPA Of The Month series of beers. It was challenging at times to find them, but they were always great and easy to recognize. This year they decided to go with the Hop Of The Month and it is not quite as straightforward. Sure they are releasing one each month, but it doesn’t actually list the month on the label and figuring out the newest release requires going to the website or following closely on social media to know what to purchase to stay up to date. In reality they lost me after April when in May I could not find the latest release. I think they should go back to using actual months on the label to make it simple for consumers to know which is which. Anyway, when I see them out on draft I give them a whirl, but I still wish the bottles were clearly labeled.

Hop Of The Month


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