What To Choose To Celebrate The Life Of Someone Who Tried To Bogart Your Alcohol?

It has been an incredibly tough week. On Thursday we lost our cat of 18 years and it broke my heart. The week prior our other cat had gone missing and we received a call about him yesterday. We brought him home and laid him to rest. He was such a sweet soul, but no matter what drink I brought out he would try to snag a taste. I never let him get into the glass, but he appeared to want to taste it all. He was more dog than cat and would come on command and would allow you to pet endlessly. There was no part of that cat which was off limits for a rub and he was a social butterfly visiting everyone in the neighborhood. He will be remembered forever and we miss him desperately. I am so glad for the time we spent together and wish it could have lasted much, much longer. Rest in peace sweet boy.


Throw The Book At Them!

A man in Chicago received a 63 month sentence for buying 17 stolen firearms and selling at least 11 of them for profit. What I want to know is why the sentence was so light? The article indicated he had “been convicted numerous times for illegally selling firearms and flagged as a prohibited possessor.” What does it take to lock of a habitual felon for long enough to break their criminal spirit. While five years is not a short period of time, it seems like a light sentence for a criminal who possibly contributed to crimes committed by others. I’m good with locking them up and throwing away the key!


What To Choose To Celebrate The Life Of A Teetotaler?

Recently lost a friend who did not drink and absolutely could not stand the smell of any alcohol. If he came close when I was having a drink he would turn up his nose and walk away. So what libation do you choose to celebrate and toast the life of someone who did not drink? I looked in the liquor cabinet a long time last night trying to decide and finally settled on something which I like and would enjoy because he loved nothing more than seeing me happy and spending time with me. In case you didn’t pick up on it the friend was our cat. We had him 18 years and he was a joy and brought enrichment to our lives. I’ll remember him forever and even though he would turn up his nose at whatever alcohol I happened to have in my glass he was an awesome cat and I miss him tremendously. Whoever said a dog is man’s best friend never owned a cat!


Sadness Doesn’t Equal Crazy, But…

I know we often speak about mentally ill individuals and how they should be excluded from handling firearms. I got to thinking about depressed situations and I’m not talking about clinical depression, I’m talking about sadness from a loss or a pending loss. In those situations it is probably not a great idea for anyone who may be capable of causing harm to theirself or others to mess with firearms or alcohol. Alcohol is a known depressant and while it may numb the feelings of sadness or grief one might be feeling it certainly is not a cure. The cure is to work it out to the point you can cherish the good times. There would be nothing worse than someone grieving to imbibe too much and then decide to end it all. There is light on the other side of the tunnel and while you may feel as if you are under a mountain of grief if you keep moving forward eventually you will get to the other side.

light at the end of the tunnel

Charleston Church Shooter Receives Death Penalty

They young man who murdered nine people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston received the death penalty for his actions. The jury deliberated for three hours and honestly I am confused why it took them so long to decide. I know taking a man’s life should not be decided hastily, but with the evidence and confession it was the correct verdict. Now we wait for the murderer to be put to death, I hope knowing he is convicted will bring some level of comfort to the families of the victims.


Is Selling Your Beer Cellar Illegal?

Apparently it is illegal to sell beer you purchased to others in Pennsylvania. A man decided to sell his beer cellar which consisted of over 500 bottles and listed the beers on Craigslist. The authorities found the ad and set up a sting to catch the criminal act. What a crock of bull. I realize there are liquor laws, but this is a guy who realized he was keeping too much beer and could not consume it so he decided to sell it as an entire lot of beer. So long as the purchaser was not underage I see no problem with selling $2,500 worth of beer you purchased legally. I wish the police would spend time going after actual crimes instead of pursuing things such as this. If the beer was stolen and resold then we have a crime, but a collector selling their collection should be legal everywhere.


Snowed In, Stock Up Ahead Of Time!

Everybody rushes to the store prior to a big snowstorm to get their milk and bread for the milk sandwiches, but how about a more important staple, alcohol. Even as the snow storm was on the way I saw people asking about the hours at the local ABC store. Why anyone would wait until the last minute to grab their favorite alcoholic beverage is beyond me. So go ahead and stock up before the next big weather event. That way you won’t be caught with only milk sandwiches to make it through your time at home!  😉


Fort Lauderdale Failings

It’s far to early to have all the facts about the tragedy in Fort Lauderdale, but a couple of things seem readily apparent as issues which should have prevented the shooter from traveling to Florida. He had been to the FBI and stated he was basically crazy which IMO should have immediately banned him from flying. If we don’t have that rule on the books, we should. At a minimum he should not be allowed to travel and even further if someone is not stable they should not be able to purchase and possess a firearm. We need to have a stringent litmus test to be sure we do not infringe upon second amendment rights, but if someone is not sane they should not be handling firearms and should not be traveling by air. Hearing someone came to an FBI office and told them he was not sane and was later allowed to fly and bring a firearm in checked luggage without any red flags is an area of concern!


H.R. 38 – Can It Be Magic?

H.R. 38 was introduced three days ago with support coming from many states across the US. The verbiage is not yet up for viewing, but the title says it all:

H.R.38 – To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a means by which nonresidents of a State whose residents may carry concealed firearms may also do so in the State.

I can certainly dig National reciprocity. After jumping through the hoops in NC it would sure be nice to know with certainty my permit is valid without having to wade through websites only to determine a particular state is not on board with your permit. Here’s to hoping it makes it all the way through!