Tim Kent Is At It Again – H500

So this week Timmay went on a smear campaign against House Bill 500 by declaring 23% of North Carolina breweries are not paying their taxes. What he and his cronies did is take information and twist it to make it look as if small breweries are tax evaders. What was actually stated was “23 percent of resident breweries are not in total compliance.” So what does that mean exactly? Is it some of the breweries have asked for extensions of tax filings? Is is they have not paid their taxes? Is the check in the mail? No, what TK has done is twist the facts. So 23 percent becomes 1 in 4, which is a falsehood from the beginning. Tim could say 1 in 5 and be covered, but by stretching to 1 in 4 he becomes a slimy liar. Then to go further and say they “DON’T PAY THEIR TAXES” also pegs the pants on fire meter. He doesn’t actually know if they pay them or not or what level of “not in total compliance” they are. If he did then the personnel who told him would be breaking confidentiality which I’m pretty sure would end their employment with the state and might actually land Timmay in some hot water. I’m not showing the front side of the mailer below which indicates it comes from the NC Wine & Beer Wholesalers and ends with the NCBeerFacts so we now have definitive proof of just how shady Tim and his gang are by depicting themselves as factual when in reality they are far from it.

Tim and the NC Wine & Beer Wholesalers do not act in the best interest for North Carolina. We have no large Bud-Miller-Coors breweries anymore. We do have some big breweries, but not on the level of Miller which left the state. Most of Tim’s cronies are distributing for the Bud-Miller-Coors of the world and are working in the interest of foreign corporations so by default Tim is a pawn of foreign companies. What House Bill 500 will do is allow mid-sized breweries to become larger and hire MORE staff which will create jobs in the brewery and with their distribution. It will not take jobs away from beer distributors because they are already employed and busy keeping up with demand for the foreign corporation products. So if those people are not in danger of losing their jobs all this bill can do is CREATE jobs. Tim and his ilk would prefer to have this bill never get out of committee so you should help him fail. To do so please contact each of the members of the ABC committee via phone and urge them to vote for House Bill 500. Also take note of which representatives vote against the bill. You can use that as a voters guide on which representatives to oppose in the next election cycle.

Boles 919-733-5903
Bell 919-715-3017
Gill 919-733-5880
Dobson 919-733-5862
Hanes 919-733-5829
Hastings 919-715-2002
Holley 919-733-5758
Hurley 919-733-5865
Jones 919-733-5821
Lucas 919-733-5775
Malone 919-715-3010
Murphy 919-733-5757
Potts 919-715-0873
Richardson 919-715-3032
Saine 919-733-5782
Willingham 919-715-3024
Yarborough 919-715-0850
Zachary 919-715-8361

Smear Campaign By Tim Kent

McClelland’s Highland Single Malt Scotch

When McClelland’s Highland Single Malt Scotch went on sale in NC I decided to give it a whirl since it was a single malt for $22 a fifth. Unfortunately every inexpensive whiskey cannot be a winner. This one was rough around the edges and everywhere else. It did work well after having other palate numbing foods and beverages, but had a rough raw oak/wood character which had undertones of cedar. It just did not trip my trigger and for the same price I can pickup a blended Scotch or Bourbon which would be more enjoyable. I tried it neat and with water and never found the secret sauce to making this wonderful other than having it once your tastebuds had been beaten to submission by another alcoholic beverage. The finish was acceptable, but the harsh wood character is just a bit much for my tastes. At $22 it is a pass and so if you find it for more, it is even more of a pass. The wood also made the alcohol present as almost hot. At 80 proof it really should be easier to consume. Pass on this one if your tastes are similar to my own. It really is not worth the price of admission.


No Sense Common Or Otherwise – House Bill 723

House Bill 723 was introduced yesterday and passed the first reading today. There is so much wrong with this bill that nothing is right. So what that means is every gun grabber will be on board with it and tout it as common sense. What does it do you ask? Removes your right to protect yourself in the workplace or vehicle so get ready to run boys and girls. You’re still good to go INSIDE your home or residence, but otherwise you have to retreat if this passes. Got a kid coming by, better make sure the kid isn’t an idiot because if they gain access to your firearm your butt is on the line. The way I read it, that is true even if it isn’t your kid. More warnings if someone purchases a firearm. Gee thanks, that will solve a perceived problem. Better run out and get liability insurance if you own a firearm, it will be mandatory if this passes. Got a magazine capable of holding more than 15 rounds? Better hold on tight because you will not be able to buy any more if this passes. There’s more, but just that quick list should be enough to have every gun owner calling their representative and telling them this bill should die a quick death.

On the bright side here is a list of representatives to vote AGAINST in any future election if you care about your Second Amendment rights.
Rep. Pricey Harrison
Rep. Verla Isko
Rep. Susan Fisher
Rep. Carla Cunningham
Rep. Cecil Brockman
Rep. Elmer Floyd

This is a terrible bill and it should never see the light of day again!

PS: The news is saying they are getting rid of the NC Stand Your Ground law. We don’t actually have such a law. We have a Castle Doctrine instead. The difference is Stand Your Ground means wherever you are, Castle Doctrine covers your home, vehicle, and place of employment. Just goes to show if you want to know the law do not rely on your representatives and the media.

Castle Doctrine

Celia Rivenbark – Do Signs Make Us Safer?

Happened upon a column this morning penned by Celia Rivenbark entitled Going Shopping With Guns. Apparently this was an earlier column entitled Guns In A Bookstore – – Really? It was marked as humor, but Celia describes sitting in a gift store/bookstore and seeing a family walk in with both parents open carrying firearms. Celia grew up in Duplin County and now resides in Wilmington, NC. She called the couple Bonnie & Clyde and mentioned after the family left the store posted a “no firearms allowed on premises” sign. My question for our country girl is since when to signs make us safe? Would a sign on your property to not break in ever cause someone to turn around who was intent on breaking into your home? Do speed limit signs keep people from speeding? Do nutrition labels keep us from overeating or getting fat? I was not aware of Celia before noticing her column and will probably ignore her moving forward, but if she believes a family legally open carrying is a problem and signs will keep us safe she truly has issues she needs to work through. Perhaps she should herself check out that self-help section of the bookstore.


HB2 Bids NC Adieu

After a heated debate HB2 is gone baby gone. All that remains is a signature from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and we can settle the matter for at least a short while. Ever since the HB2 was introduced to counteract an ill conceived Charlotte ordinance people have been up in arms to have it repealed. In December the deals fell through when neither side wanted to compromise. Today HB2 finally died with the passage of House Bill 142. The bill was a gutted bill so check the Ratified version on the NCGA website to see what actually passed. So what does this bill do exactly? It repeals HB2 and makes any new local ordinances void until at least December 30, 2020.

So the Religious are all up in arms because their children are not protected. These people are what some might call ignorant. HB2 offered no protection any more than a gun buster sign offers protection. HB2 was even worse, there was no repercussions stated in the legislation if someone did go against the statute. Basically trespassing was all someone could be charged with and in most cases they would simply be asked to leave. One who preyed on children would still be able to prey on small children and if they did then they would be subject to the criminal offense based on their actions, but not because of HB2. It was a sham only created to counteract the Charlotte ordinance which did not protect anyone from anything, it simply ensured ordinances like those in Charlotte ceased to have merit.

Now the LGBTQ (did I get all those abbreviations?) community is all up in arms because they find the legislation used to repeal HB2 to be discriminatory. I just cannot follow that logic. Read the legislation, it doesn’t discriminate, it simply allows only the General Assembly to set regulation access to restrooms, showers, and changing facilities. Of course the Supreme Court or any Court can dictate that and supposedly that was the thought process behind the December 2020 expiration date for one Section. I haven’t spent time listening to many LGBTQ statements, but one LGBT lawmaker (he left off the Q) was up in arms because the LGBTQ representatives were not included in the repeal discussions. How many freaking people does it take to write repeal legislation and handle out a deal? You say Roy Cooper is your Governor and you want him to speak on behalf of the LGBTQ community, then let him do his job and he WAS a big part of the repeal deal.

Here’s the dirty little secret which really isn’t much of a secret. The Governor and General Assembly bowed to the pressure of the NCAA to repeal HB2. They did not listen to the people, the news, various idiotic performer boycotts, or manufacturers who chose to build/relocate elsewhere. They caved to pressure from the NCAA and basketball. Yep, sports are what cause compromise and change and it should show the citizens of NC who is really in charge. It isn’t your religious group, your LGBTQ discrimination claims, or your common sense, it is sports, namely basketball. So to you zealots on the left and right you better watch out because the NCAA is coming down the lane.

At least we now all know where to go to take a piss and who owns NC!

House Bill 500 – About Time!

I have no idea if House Bill 500 which was introduced on March 28 will pass it the current form, but if it does we will all be better off. This revised ABC legislation does a host of things. I stole this synopsis from Facebook, but it sums it up well.

1) Makes crowlers legal for sale at retail
2) Allows breweries to sell wine and cider without food
3) Allows breweries to have off-site storage for beer
4) Allows QC sampling and other on-site sampling to be legal
5) Makes homebrew meetings & competitions legal
6) Authorizes farm breweries
7) Raises the self-distribution cap to 250,000 bbls wholesale (not produced)
8) Changes the wording of the franchise law to allow small breweries to more easily manage distribution agreements and partners
9) Clarifies and modernizes other parts of the law (mainly just makes things more straightforward and easy to understand without changing function)

Get behind this bill and contact your representative to support it so it doesn’t die.


Old Medley 12 Year Bourbon and Medley’s Private Stock 10 Year

As I was finishing up the bottle of Medley’s Private Stock 10 Year I realized I never mentioned Old Medley 12 Year on the blog. The 12 Year was around a $50 price point and quite tasty as I remember with a nice presence of brown sugar and leather. It had much in common with all the Bourbon’s in the Medley family and Wathen’s. Medley Private Stock was a bit more pricey approaching $60 and despite being 90 proof it was actually a bit on the hot side to me for drinking neat and so I enjoyed it with a cube. It didn’t take much to tame it and once a little ice melt happened the flavor blossomed. Neat it had an interesting cedar aromatic with quite a bit of pepper and spicy rye. Brown sugar and leather round out the flavor with a spice finish and hits of sweetness. This turns out to be a somewhat rare Bourbon. Private Stock was only released in 20 markets and only 1,000 cases were available so if you missed it when it hit and don’t run into a bottle it is more than likely flown the coop. Never fear, Medley always seems to released something on occasion and everything I have had from them and Frank-Lin have been quite tasty.




West Cork Irish Whiskey Bourbon Cask

As part of my Irish Whiskey excursion I got a bottle of West Cork Irish Whiskey Bourbon Cask when it when on sale at NCABC for $21.95. I must say it was much less sweet than 2 Gingers I mentioned recently on the blog. Neat this one was much more interesting, but still was not complex enough to keep my attention. The Bourbon mainly presented itself as oak rather than truly having Bourbon character. The flavor was lightly spicy with cinnamon and light pepper characteristics. It also had a fruit apple character and a touch of citrus. At 22 beans this one is one to try if you have not tried it before or if you are looking for an Irish Whiskey which is nice to have neat. I’m still looking for complexity, but at this price point you should definitely give this one a whirl and decide if it is up your alley or not your cup of tea.