Just Come Out And Say It Already!

I really tire of hearing people say the catch phrase “common sense gun laws” when what they truly mean is confiscation. The truth is there is no law which will stop any violent act which uses a firearm as a weapon. So let’s think for a minute about disarming all Americans and what that would mean. That would create a nation where the only people with firearms are criminals and law enforcement. In the end, it still would not stop crimes from happening and would not assist law enforcement in finding the criminal element.

A friend who enjoys sporting clays and owns a shotgun suggested recently he would not have a problem turning over his firearm to authorities for fair market value. I told him he was delusional if he thought the government would pay him what the firearm was worth. I proposed if he owned a collection of sporting clay firearms with a value of $30K or more he would have a different opinion, especially when offered pennies on the dollar for his collection. Eventually he understood my point, but thought processes such as his prevail. None of my firearms have ever hurt another person and so long as my life or family are not threatened, they never will.

So for all you “common sense” folk out there, put some thought into it and decide whether you want to further regulate law-abiding citizens or punish criminals because no law is going to stop someone intent on causing harm.

Sadly Georgia There Is Much Work To Be Done

So last night I again went down the path to find great Georgia Craft Beer and was left wandering around still looking. On Wednesday I posted about my disappointment in what I was served and last night was no different. It is almost as if most of the newer breweries I sampled don’t have recipe formulation under control. One tasted like hop water and all the rest lacked complexity. C’mon Georgia, you can do better. There have been breweries in the state making great beer for a long time so if you are a newer brand step up to the plate. I’ll give you another chance or two, but right now I could not suggest Georgia as a destination for homegrown craft beer. Sure there are some standouts, but my take on it is you currently have better bars than you have breweries. Life’s far to short to drink boring beer.

Which BJCP Guidelines To Study For The Exam

This popped up on the BJCP Home Page and clarifies what to actually study for future exams.

Style Guidance for Future Exams

The Exam Directors have decided that the scope of future exams using the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines will be beer style categories 1 through 26. Categories 27 (historical beer) through 34 (specialty beer) will not be covered on any exam. More guidance will be provided when the online question pool is complete, the written exam questions are updated, and guidance for tasting exam administrators is finished. All mead and cider styles are covered on the exams with the exclusion of the final specialty-type styles (M4B Historical Mead, M4C Experimental Mead, C2F Specialty Cider/Perry). This information is forward-looking, and applies to exams after the 2015 Guideline cutover in November, not exams currently given.
Hopefully that information will help as you prep for exams in the future.

Georgia Craft Beer Thoughts

Trying to keep it local last night I ordered several beers from Georgia since I am in the area. I decided to make them all beers I had not had from breweries I had not heard of and to see just how the beer culture has improved over the years. I realize this was a small sample of local fare, but the beer menu was not awash with local breweries in the first place so I chose from what was presented. In the end I am sad to report I was disappointed across the board. The beers all ranged from mediocre to good, nothing outstanding. I had a Saison which was quite tasty and an IPA which just needed a kick in the complexity pants, but these were the beers of 10 or more years ago for most places. I certainly hope this ain’t the best Georgia had to offer from the new batch of breweries. The old standards were there on the beer menu, but why get a Terrapin when I can get Terrapin in NC. So Georgia from my sampling thus far you have some work to do.


On No, Not Again!

So I am at a restaurant last night and notice a beer on the menu I am certain I have not had. I order it and when it arrives open up Untappd to put in a few notes and a quick star rating only to find I have had it and it was mediocre at best. Well it turned out I was correct in my rating even if I could not remember having the beer. With so many beers on the market and all the beers I have had over the years it can be difficult to keep up. On Untappd I have less than 1,000 entered, but have certainly had 5-10 times that number of distinct beers. I think my new methodology will be to immediately check Untappd to check and be sure if I have had the beer and also what I thought when I run into one I believe to be new. At least that way I won’t end up drinking something I didn’t really care for in the first place.

Foothills June 2015 IPA of the Month

I almost forgot about the Foothills IPA of the Month series until I spied June 2015 peeking out from the shelf. The pooch this month is Wally and the beer is crafted with experimental hops to create the 60 IBU. I found the 5.6% ABV beer to be quite tasty with fruity and tropical hop notes and a strong malt backbone which all worked together to make this a beer you need to find and enjoy!June Foot

Martin O’Malley Doesn’t Understand The Difference Between A Rifle And A Handgun

How the heck can anyone want someone to be President when they do not understand the difference between a rifle and a handgun. MOM posted on Facebook:

I’m really pissed. I’m pissed that after an unthinkable tragedy like the one in South Carolina yesterday, instead of jumping to act, we sit back and wait for the appropriate moment to say what we’re all thinking: that this is not the America we want to be living in.
We have to act. We have to do more. That’s why we must take a look at additional steps we can implement: a national assault weapons ban, strengthening background checks, and reducing straw buying through efforts like fingerprinting requirements for handgun purchasers.
We know these tactics work.
Let’s act now, and ensure we don’t stand witness to these events anymore. 

Why doesn’t this politician understand the difference between a 1911 and an AR? Even worse he uses a tragedy to try to gain public support. What a douche!

Ballantine India Pale Ale

I happened to see a local bottle shop post on Facebook they had six-pack cartons of Ballantine India Pale Ale in stock. I searched the store and finally found the cartons on the top shelf. At $10 it was slightly more pricey than I expected, but to have a classic beer it was a steal. The beer is 7.2% ABV and 70 IBU which comes from hops, hop oils, and the beer is dry hopped and comes in contact with oak to mimic the original version. I was not expecting the beer to dazzle and amaze, in fact I was expecting to dislike this new version. Quite the contrary, it was bright, floral, fruity, and quite tasty. Ten beans now seems like a steal on some levels. The beers I purchased were less than a month old, packaged on 05/27/15. I’ll be on the lookout for the beer in bottles and draft and suggest you do the same. You will not be disappointed!



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