I happened to receive a bottle of Blade And Bow Bourbon Whiskey as a gift which I selected so I was a little reluctant to post a review. The bottle is normally $45 at NCABC, and since I had never tried it I was truly excited to give it a whirl. At 91 proof I didn’t expect to have a strong alcohol presence, but I was expecting it to be easy to consume. The aroma was fruity with apples, cherries, almonds, and sherry with a light bit of pepper spice lurking in the background with just a hint of oak. The flavor was similarly subdued with cherries, light apple, almonds, light oak and leather, sherry, and slight hints of black pepper. The finish was just dry with lasting light pepper and oak into the aftertaste. Alcohol never played a part in the flavor, but there was a slight post consumption warming. It was easy to drink, but it was also quite boring. I was ultimately glad I received it as a gift rather than shelling out my own cash. At this price point there are bourbons which are much more complex and flavorful for the same price or less. So for me this is a one and done. I doubt I will buy another bottle unless I see some people rave about newer batches being stellar. Sorry folks, this one is a pass.