I ran into a bottle of Ezra Brooks Distiller’s Collection Bourbon Whiskey picked by a local ABC, and with a price of admission of only 35 bucks I couldn’t pass it up. There really isn’t much info online about the Distiller’s Collection, but all the Ezra Brooks are 107 proof. Often with a pick you are looking at a singular entity and relying upon whomever made the pick. If you are lucky you can find a group which aligns with your palate, but often it can be the luck of the draw. In this case I was a lucky winner. The aroma was nicely complex with cinnamon and black pepper most notably coupled to brown sugar, leather, sherry, and cherries. The flavor was also complex and presented with brown sugar, sherry, cherries, light presence of oak, more cinnamon, and hints of black pepper. The finish was nicely sweet and the alcohol warming post consumption was pleasant and lasting. Alcohol played a role throughout, but was never overpowering or unexpected. This was a fantastic bottle for only 35 beans. If you happen to see this Gibsonville pick, be sure to pick one up. I know I will likely snag these wherever I see them in hopes they all present with this much complexity and flavor.