I went for a long time and was never able to snag a Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon, then I happened upon an A121 while out and about. I’m not sure what the price of admission was at the time, but currently in NC it’s 60 bones. The A121 Batch had a proof of 114.8 and an ABV of 57.48. I’d made comments about Larceny Bourbon back in 2013 and liked the 92 proof which only cost me 15 bucks because I had a 10 dollar rebate. Sadly no rebate was available for the big brother Barrel Proof bottle, but it didn’t disappoint. The aroma was filled with brown sugar, wafts of alcohol, leather, cinnamon, and sawdust from cut dried oak. The flavor was delicious with brown sugar, prunes, light leather, cinnamon, black pepper, oak, and a reserved alcohol flavor which only led to additional complexity. The finish was subdued brown sugar and cinnamon with reserved alcohol warmth which trailed off as the flavors melded and faded into the aftertaste. I typically find wheated Bourbons to be boring and hesitate to purchase them. This is the exception to that rule. It’s a wheater worth the price of admission. If you run into a bottle snag it and enjoy!