Some time back I picked up a bottle of Rebel Distiller’s Collection Bourbon Whiskey which was selected by a local group. There isn’t much info to be found about these picks, but all Rebel Distiller’s Collection picks are 113 proof. After the Ezra Brooks DC from Lux Row I had high hopes for this pick. What I forgot was Rebel is a wheater and I typically find them to be a bit pedestrian and boring. Of course I opened up the bottle and let it do the talking, but as I feared it showed it’s wheat side and just didn’t blow my socks off. Luckily the price of admission was only 40 beans and the Bourbon was solid so no worries. The aroma presented as sweet with brown sugar, raisins, and honey coupled to cherries and hints of orange citrus. The flavor was slightly subdued with brown sugar, raisins, slight hints of leather, very slight black pepper, and orange citrus. There was a light alcohol flavor which was well restrained for a 56.5% ABV Bourbon. The finish had light citrus, leather, and black pepper with hints of alcohol fading pleasantly into the aftertaste. The only strong presence of alcohol was in the post consumption warming. This actually was a nice bottle and a good pick, but I’m just not a fan of wheat Bourbon. If you spot one of these out and about it’s certainly worth your time to pick up at this attractive price point, but I know for my tastes it isn’t one I will chase.