Ever since I had The Quiet Man way back in 2019, I have been on the hunt for their 8 Year. Luckily it popped up earlier this year at an ABC store not far away and I was able to snag a bottle. The 40% abv Irish Whiskey had an NCABC price point of $39.99. The aroma was filled with pears, honey, light black pepper, apples, vanilla, and whispers of oak. The flavor was similar with apples, pears, more light black pepper, vanilla, oak, and a light alcohol flavor. The finish was lightly sweet lasting into the aftertaste with low black pepper spice and pear with hints of chocolate in the finality of the aftertaste. This is a tasty Irish and the chocolate notes at the end add to the complexity. The 8 Year is quite nice and presents with a decent level of complexity in a price point which is approachable. The standard at $30 is the bargain, but at only $10 more for the 8 Year you should pick it up if you get the opportunity. There is no shame in having both!