Not sure why I haven’t posted about Knob Creek Rye in the past, but I snagged a bottle the last time it went on sale at NCABC. The price of admission at the time was $32, but it can often be found for a few dollars less. This is a 100 proof rye which is an alcohol level I prefer, not too hot, not too mild. The aroma has what you want out of a rye and is filled with rye spice, brown sugar, and light black pepper coupled to a very nice oak presence. The flavor is similar, but contains a syrupy peach not, more rye spice, light pepper, and oak. The finish lasts very nice with peaches and rye fading slowing into the aftertaste. The alcohol is restrained from start to finish with only a mild warming post consumption. This is a very nice rye and should be one to keep in the bar. There are rye whiskeys which are more complex and with a higher price point and those destined for mixing at a lower price point. This one exists right in the middle. If you haven’t had it, pick up a bottle and give it a whirl.