Received a bottle of Legent from a friend without much knowledge about it before it made it to the house. It’s a 47% abv/94 proof Bourbon which is finished in wine and sherry casks. Typically the price point is $35-40 and reviews seem to be mixed. I decided to ignore the reviews and I’m really glad I did. It’s a nice drop with an aroma filled with sherry, oak, brown sugar, plum notes, leather, and light peppery spice. The flavor is smooth with a brown sugar, oak, sherry, pepper, leather, and more nice plum character coupled to enough alcohol to remind you this is a Bourbon. The finish is quite nice with lasting plum and sherry with an underlying alcohol warmth long and pleasant into the aftertaste. If you check out the website it goes into the Bourbon being a collaboration of American and Japanese whisky makers. Whomever takes credit for this should be proud. If you haven’t had Legent then go get some immediately. If you have then pick up another bottle and hit it again, especially at a 35 bean price of admission. It’s legit!