The first time I heard about Oban Little Bay was when a person from NC was complaining their local ABC would not bring the bottle. They would only get it if he agreed to purchase a case. Fast forward a few years and now Little Bay can be found in many ABC store, but the price of admission is $78. At that price I was not willing to give it a whirl. Somewhere along the way I happened upon a bottle for around $40 so I knew I had to bring it home. At 86 proof (43% abv) this is a restrained bottle of Scotch. The aroma presents with chocolate, candy, light citrus, spice, leather, and oak. The flavor also has chocolate, citrus, light smoke, leather, oak, spice, and breadcrust. The finish fades into light alcohol with light chocolate and leather with subtle sweetness long and pleasantly into the aftertaste. At $40 this is a no brainer. At NCABC prices it is a maybe. It’s a very nice bottle with good complexity, but by the time I get to 80 beans it’s time to take off the training wheels. This could use a boost in complexity to draw those dollars out of my wallet. If you find it at a midpoint price I’d say snag it, it is quite tasty!