A few weeks ago I asked for a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale at a restaurant and was served a beer which made me look closely at the taps to be sure there was not a mixup. It was hoppy, but muted and somewhat stale. After the double check to be sure I got the correct pour I decided this year was not the year for Celebration. Last night I was at another restaurant and decided to give it another try just to be sure one of my favorite beers wasn’t going to be substandard everywhere I went. Sure enough, completely different beer. My only thought it a keg of something was mislabeled or the draft lines were swapped. The first beer sucked while the second was bright and fresh. I posted a note of Untappd with my original check in which has a lower rating than the beer I had last night deserved. Since I don’t check in beers twice on the app I’ll offer an apology for my low opinion to Sierra Nevada. I suspect with thousands of check ins my score will be a blip on the radar screen. At any rate I may go in search of another Celebration tonight because what I had last night was delicious.