I was in Costco and noticed a half gallon of blended Scotch for $19 and my frugal side took over leading me to put the handle into the cart. At less than $20 it can only be so awful so I decided to take a chance. Which leads me to the topic of today’s blog should I try an inexpensive whiskey? My suggestion is yes since you have very little to lose. Take Old Grand-Dad Bonded as an example. At $20 per fifth I figured it would be a mixer, but as it turned out it it perfectly fine served neat over ice. Another nice find is Very Old Barton, I got a handle at the suggestion of a friend and while boring by itself the Bourbon shines when mixed. At $24 per half gallon in the NC stores it has to be among the best values in mixable Bourbon on the market. Now if you are a purest and only buy small batch or single barrel then don’t bother, but if you are looking for a value and something tasty then give an inexpensive whiskey a try. At worst it becomes a mixer and it might even become a new favorite!