After having a boring yet pleasant experience I seek to repeat with Alexander Murray Bon Accord and a new love affair with Suntory Toki, I have been seeking out blends and was surprised no one had turned me on to Monkey Shoulder. This recently went on during December sale at NCABC and at $27 I figured it was worth a try. The whiskey is always blend of casks from Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie along with other Speyside distilleries and so I was not surprised when I discovered this is another to have in the bar. If this were a $50 bottle I’d pass it by, but sub $30 this is a bargain and worth every penny. Where Bon Accord was boring and pleasant, this one has complexity of aroma and flavor which is not overpowering, but brings you to pour another glass to find another nuance in the profile. I get cocoa, oak, hints of coffee, butterscotch, spice, and many other flavors. None are overdone and likewise none are overpowering. The finish has enough sweetness from the malt to keep everything well balanced and wrapped in package with a big old monkey bow. If you haven’t had this or don’t have it in your bar currently, go out and get a bottle. It’s affordable, approachable, and interesting so it is always a wise decision!