And by trapp I mean a Trappist beer. I had heard Stift Engelszell had been given the honor of being one of the nine Trappist breweries in the world so when I spied a bottle I in a store I had to bring one home. The price of admission was a little steep at over $6 per bottle. Yesterday I anxiously opened the bottle and decided quickly not everything that glitters is gold. This beer was burnt caramel, molasses and honey with an alcohol kick. The malt backbone is strong, but the flavors are just not up to par. I think in the rush to get the brewery started they may have forgotten they need to test a few recipes first before shooting bottles out the door. It wasn’t awful by any stretch of the imaginations, but Gregorius will not find its way back into my shopping cart again. They have another variation called Benno, as with all things beer I will probably give it a whirl, but if it is no better than Gregorius I would say this brewery will be one to miss.