I tend to gravitate toward Kentucky Bourbon and Rye so I was hesitant to grab a bottle of Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon Whiskey, but I am so glad I did. This California Bourbon wasn’t a screaming bargain at 40 beans, but it also isn’t a bottle which will break the bank. At 45% abv this isn’t a weak Willie, but at 90 proof it’s a little bit shy of my preferred level of alcohol of 100 proof. Anyway, I tried not to like this Bourbon, but the lower the level became in the bottle, the more I realized I had found a new favorite. Some may find it just a bit sweet, but it is 90 proof so it should present with more sweet than heat. The aroma was brown sugar, caramel, cedar, hints of rye, and a substantial oak backbone. The flavor was was more brown sugar and caramel, cedar, rye, oak, honey, and black pepper. The finish and aftertaste were pleasant flavors of brown sugar, cedar, black pepper, and oak fading into the aftertaste. I can see bringing this one to a party since it will be a new one to most people and it could hold it’s own if pitted against other bottles. You should give this one a whirl.

PS: The namesake for this Bourbon is a 1,138 year old tree, located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which stands 367 feet tall.