When Maker’s Mark 46 Cask Strength appeared at NCABC I snagged a bottle through a friend. At $60 it wasn’t exactly a bargain bin purchase, but it does ring in at 109.6 proof. This is of course the cask version of Maker’s Mark 46, but with higher alcohol comes a higher price. Where standard MM46 is somewhat subdued, the MM46CS tends to showcase similar attributes accompanied by a notable level of alcohol. The aroma contained caramel, black pepper, leather, and cherries with notable, yet restrained, alcohol. The flavor was nicely complex and showcased more black pepper, leather, and caramel. The fruity nature of the aroma is similarly present in the flavor. The finish is a pleasant mix of leather, pepper, caramel, and alcohol long into the finish. With the subdued nature of the alcohol and other attributes it makes me question whether or not it is worth the price of admission, especially when you consider MMCS is only 40 beans on sale. All things considered it’s a nice bottle even if it it doesn’t have the best price point. If you are a Maker’s Mark fan then seek out a bottle and give it a whirl. I think you will be glad you did.