National Whiskey Sour Day

Yep, you guessed it, today is National Whiskey Sour Day. So mix up a glass at home or order at your favorite watering hole. Just make sure you have at least one today so the world keeps turning on it’s axis.
Homemade Whiskey Sour Cocktail Drink


Sig Sauer P320 Drop Safety Alert

I don’t own a Sig Sauer P320, but for those of you who do, please check the Sig website for voluntary upgrade information. The issue is if the firearm is dropped with a round in the chamber it may discharge. The obvious solution until you can send in the firearm is to avoid dropping it with a round in the chamber.

If you are curious as to what is causing the issue, check out this video which may have determined the problem is the weight of the trigger.

Wildcatter Bourbon Aged 8 Years

I found this gem while traveling in Florida and had not seen it elsewhere so when I learned it was from Frank-lin I brought it to the hacienda to give it a shot (pun intended). Wildcatter is aged 8 years and of unknown Kentucky origin and IIRC it was around $35. At 90 proof I found it best with a cube and it was a nice glass, not overly complex, but the cube tamed the beast. The flavor is filled with brown sugar, caramel, spice, earth, char, and leather. I typically find anything from Frank-lin worth of finding a spot in my bar and this bottle did not disappoint. I don’t know at this price point if I will bother with it again because there are more complex Bourbons in the same price point, but if someone offers me a glass I’ll throw in a cube and sit back and relax. If you find it give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

No Sunday Morning Libations For Kure Beach

In a bonehead move Kure Beach has denied Sunday morning alcohol sales. We knew somewhere in North Carolina a governing body would stand on religious principal and the evils of alcohol, but I wouldn’t have suspected it to be a tourist area. It is their prerogative to decide if Sunday morning sales should be allowed to happen, but it is ridiculous to put it in a religious context. Someone should remind them religious organizations meet all the time, not just on Sunday morning. The mayor, Craig Bloszinsky, cited traffic getting worse in town if alcohol sales were to occur beginning at 10am. I guess Craig has realized what I learned long ago, they only put those fish symbols on the back of cars who cannot drive in the first place. I think they have a meeting at church to decide who gets a fish and who doesn’t and they want the highest possible visibility so it goes on the car who drives the worst and is most likely to draw attention to the symbol. I’m kidding of course, but to say it will add to traffic is quite short sighted. People having a bloody with 10am brunch are not apt to get sloshed by noon when the neighborhood churches typically let out. Anyway, I know where I won’t be visiting when planning my next vacation if that is the attitude of Kure Beach. Sounds like they didn’t want visitors there in the first place.


Ommegang Bend The Knee

Finding Ommegang Bend The Knee prior to the first episode of Game of Thrones proved to be a bit of a challenge. Despite numerous Facebook posts by Total Wine announcing the beer, it was MIA at the one closest to my home. Finally I went by one in a different city and they had a large display for the beer so I was able to grab all three labels. The next challenge was deciding which house to consume since I now had a Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister in the fridge. I ultimately went with Lannister and found the 9% ABV to be deceptively smooth and understated. The alcohol was hidden behind a mild flavor of malt and fruitiness which was quite alluring. I’m sure the other two bottles will present the same way, but it will be awhile before I consume them if all goes according to plan. Perhaps another halfway through this season and the third at the end. At any rate, this one is nicely done, keep searching and you should be able to find it.


Ommegang Valar Dohaeris

Tonight begins the new season of Game Of Thrones. To celebrate I cracked open a beer which has been lurking in the fridge since October. It is Ommegang Valar Dohaeris Belgian-style Tripel. It poured with a ridiculous amount of coagulated proteins which made the appearance less than stellar, but luckily the peppery aroma and flavor had a wonderful phenolic which more than made up for the appearance flaw. Valar Doharis means “all men must serve” and they must serve this tripel if they like tripel. This one is quite good and while it may be difficult to find out and about, if one still lurks on the shelf you need to snag it because it is delicious! At 9% ABV it is no slouch so tread lightly and share with a friend. The season begins in a few hours, but this is the perfect beer to enjoy while catching up by binge watching all of season six. Get some if you can.


Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

I’ve enjoyed the Old Forester lineup of dated Bourbons for the most part. The 1870 Original Batch is a favorite, but 1897 was a step down IMO while others found it superior. The latest in the lineup is 1920 Prohibition Style and this one is a hot mess. At 115 proof I was never able to enjoy this neat and it always required ice to tame the beast. The flavor was good, but to fully enjoy that I first needed to restrain the alcohol. With caramel, chocolate, tobacco, leather, brown sugar, and a light spice this one has quite a bit going on, it would be nice if it was going on at a lower proof and a lower price. At $60 this one is not easy on the wallet. If you are a fan of the series then by all means give this one a whirl. If not, I’m gonna suggest you pass. With a $60 price point there are other Bourbons which more much more enjoyable for a lower cost.