Happened to see Jim Beam Double Oak was on sale at NCABC for $23 so I snagged a bottle. Wasn’t sure what to expect from an inexpensive 86 proof Bourbon, but figured why not give it a try. There was plenty on the shelf so I knew this was either a sleeper or something I should pass up. Lucky for me, most people turn up their nose on this daily drinker. The beautiful thing about this bottle is the lower alcohol which allows you to have a larger sample without paying a price. So let’s discuss what matters, how it tastes. The aroma has oak, sherry, caramel, and hints of black pepper. The flavor has a definite presence of oak with caramel, more black pepper, and a bit of leather. The finish has hints of alcohol and pepper with leather and oak, but the caramel fades pleasantly into the aftertaste. The bottom line is this is a budget friendly bottle for those who what a stronger presence of oak in their Bourbon. The alcohol is restrained and this is extremely easy to drink. I know at this price point I’ll find another bottle along the way and you should definitely give it a whirl. Of course there is no rush, people aren’t lining up to snag this drop. It’s their loss and your win!