When Bulleit Bourbon Single Barrel Hand crafted for NC hit the shelves to rave reviews I knew I needed to find a bottle. It didn’t take much to come home with a bottle from ABC, but it didn’t exactly come cheap. The price in NC was $60 for the 52% ABV (104 proof) single barrel Bourbon. The neck tag has a place for the Barrel Number, but nothing was on it other than being signified as Hand crafted for NC. There is a rumor, and incorrect rumor, but nonetheless a rumor that this is actually Four Roses juice. I’ll speak about that in a minute, but in the meantime I’ll discuss my impression of the bottle. The aroma was filled with floral and citrus notes, namely orange peel. Immediately the nasal passages perceive brown sugar sweetness, leather, oak, and a restrained presence of alcohol. The flavor presented very similar with orange, brown sugar, leather, oak, hints of black pepper, and more retained alcohol. The finish was extremely pleasant with brown sugar, oak, and black pepper lasting and fading into the finish. The alcohol was notable with the warming post consumption, but was retrained from start to finish. This is a darn tasty bottle of Bourbon. My impression is this is quite similar. I’ve not created a detailed review of Four Roses so I need to revisit. Bulleit says this is not Four Roses distillate and barrels, but my palate says it might be 4R. No matter what, Four Roses Single Barrel is less expensive than this Bulleit Single Barrel, so I’d suggest you grab a 4RSiB instead, unless money is burning a hole in your pocket. The bottom line is this bottle is delicious.