Recently Yellowstone Select Bourbon went on sale at NCABC for $37, so I figured why not take it out for a spin. Some of the reviews online had been mixed, but after picking up an excellent bottle of Yellowstone Hand Picked it was time to find out for myself. At 93 proof this bottle lands just under my preferred alcohol level of 100 proof, but again, I did not let that deter me in my quest to make up my own mind. I’ll bottom line it for you, this bottle is definitely worth the price of admission. The aroma begins with a very nice cedar spice note, leather, light citrus, cherries, and hints of sherry. The flavor has a wonderful brown sugar backbone, more cherries, rye and cedar spice, oranges, and a bit of black pepper. The finish is spicy rye and black pepper with lingering brown sugar and alcohol into the finality of the aftertaste. The alcohol was present, yet restrained, throughout the flavor, and really only played a part in the post consumption warming. Anyway, if you spot this for a similar price point I’d suggest you give it a try. I know I’ll try to snag another bottle the next time I see it at a great price point. Thumbs up!