When Maker’s Mark 101 was first released it was a 1 liter bottle and if I remember correctly only available at duty free airport shops. Then 2020 saw at least one bright light when a 750 ml bottle was released and North Carolina was lucky enough to receive bottles. Of course the proof is 101 and it comes in a red box so it is easy to spot on the shelf. Another plus is the price is $41.95 plus tax in NC. The price of admission almost everywhere else is more. Let’s get to what matters. The aroma is quite nice being filled with light pepper spice, brown sugar, leather, oak, and slight citrus. The flavor is complex with brown sugar, leather, oak, low pepper spice, low citrus, and a light aftertaste of alcohol and passion fruit. There is a definite warming post consumption which alerts you to the alcohol level. All in all this is a very well done Bourbon and is one which will always be welcomed in my bar. If you spot it on a shelf, snag a bottle and give it a whirl.