When The Walking Dead Bourbon arrived in NC it was $35 and just a bit more than I was willing to spend for an unknown bottle of Bourbon. While traveling I happened upon it in another state for $25 and at that price I was more than willing to risk it. I noticed some unflattering comments so I decided to tread with caution when in reality I should have thrown caution to the wind. This turned out to actually be a nice drop. The aroma was leather, brown sugar, pepper spice, caramel, and hints of alcohol. The flavor was deceptively smooth with dark cherries, brown sugar, caramel, more pepper spice, and pleasant warming alcohol into the aftertaste. The finish is cherries and prunes with brown sugar and alcohol fading into the finality of the finish. The rumor is this is Heaven Hill juice and at 47% ABV it doesn’t disappoint. If you are a fan of any of the three shows and Bourbon you must have a bottle of this at the ready. TWD returns in February so find one to enjoy while you watch the final season.