After seeing several rave reviews from others I picked up a bottle of Knob Creek 12 Year. I don’t recall the price of admission, but I think it’s typically around 60 beans. This Knob Creek variant is 100 proof which falls exactly where I typically prefer my Bourbons to be for optimal consumption neat. The nose is lightly floral with brown sugar and leather complimented by oaky char and wafts of alcohol. The flavor was more leather and oak with brown sugar and low warming alcohol. The pepper spice background lasts long into the aftertaste with hints of cinnamon and anise. The finality of the aftertaste is lingering pepper, brown sugar, and alcohol. While I enjoyed this Bourbon, it didn’t blow my socks off. If I paid full boat then I would have thought I paid too much as there are more complex bottles at the same price point or less. If you are a KC fan then give it a whirl, otherwise save the coin for another bottle.