It took quite some time to locate a bottle of Knob Creek Quarter Oak after it was released. I had seen it on the shelf and neglected to purchase a bottle. The next time I checked it was sold out. Eventually I happened upon a bottle and so I knew it was time to bring it home. The Bourbon is created by taking four year old juice which had been aged in 13 gallon quarter casks and blending with standard KC juice. The result is supposedly a Bourbon with more oak due to the reduced size of the cask. At 100 proof this limited release Bourbon isn’t a high proof and with a price point of 50 beans it isn’t going to break the bank. Many had raved about how good Quarter Oak was so I had high expectations when I poured a glass. The aroma was filled with honey, oak, and pepper spice coupled to brown sugar and cinnamon with a hint of leather. The flavor was pepper, cinnamon, oak, honey, brown sugar, and leather with the leather lasting far into the aftertaste. Also present at the end was oak and brown sugar with pepper and a lasting presence of alcohol. While certainly tasty, I was expecting more from this bottle. The price of admission was affordable, but at $15 more than standard KC, I might be inclined to just buy KC. If you can find a bottle, snag it and give it a whirl if you are a KC fan. Otherwise don’t get too broken up if you missed it.