Not sure where I happened to pick up Early Times Bottled-In-Bond, but I’ll let the cat out of the bag early and say I am sure glad I did. Of course it rings in at 100 proof and in most markets the 1 liter bottle is under $30. The aroma is filled with a beautiful presence of leather, deep caramel, oak, brown sugar, and citrus. The flavor has a chocolate note, with oak, caramel, brown sugar, more citrus, and a light lasting spice note. The finish is pleasant chocolate and caramel with a lasting low warming of alcohol just enough to let you know you are alive. This bottle is a breath of fresh air and should not be passed if you get an opportunity to purchase. Will it blow your socks off your feet? Probably not, but it is great neat and any Boubon snob would be glad to have in their glass. Go get some and thank me later!