When I heard Elijah Craig was going to release a rye whiskey I got excited because I like EC. I happened upon a bottle of Elijah Craig Straight Rye Whiskey for $30 and decided to bring one home. I was hoping it would be crazy beautiful and perhaps my expectations were too high. At 94 proof, 47% abv, this should have some alcohol presence, but be restrained. The aroma was low rye spice coupled with alcohol and pepper. Brown sugar lurks behind the alcohol presence and hints of chocolate. The flavor was rather muted brown sugar, medium rye spice, and oak at a moderate, and perhaps too high, level. The finish had alcohol and leather pleasantly into the aftertaste. While good, this just wasn’t what I was expecting and I can think of bottles which have a lower price of admission which I prefer more. If you haven’t tried it, snag a bottle and give it a whirl. I have another bottle and if it proves to be the same as this one, I probably will not purchase it again due to the lack of complexity and too strong oak presence.