I’ve seen many others post high praises of Pinhook offerings so when I saw Pinhook Bourbon Country in a New Jersey liquor store at an exceptional price I knew I had to snag a bottle. The price of admission was around $30 which seemed like a bargain for a 95.5 proof Bourbon. The bottle listed the vintage as Fall 2018 and I believe this Bourbon is released periodically so it most likely varies quite a bit from one release to another. This one was fruity and alcoholic in the nose with peaches, pear, black pepper, raisins, and cedar along with sweet malt. and brown sugar The flavor was brown sugar coupled to more fruit flavors including peaches, pears, apricots, and raisins along with a peppery cedar finish. The alcohol in the flavor was much more restrained only accentuating the flavor and fading into the finish. The post consumption warming was strong. The issue with this Bourbon is a lack of balance and an overpowered presence of alcohol in the aroma and warming. While this isn’t a bad bottle by any means, I wouldn’t pick up another of this release even at this low price of admission. I’ve seen others rave about other Pinhooks so I’ll try some others as I run into them, but I won’t be buying another Fall 2018 Bourbon Country.