I happened across a bottle of The Irishman Single Malt at a Virginia ABC store. I cannot remember how much coin they took off me, but currently they price is 45 beans. According to the website each batch of Single Malt is limited to 6,000 bottles and is aged in Oak Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry Casks. My particular bottle was batch 1506/2017 and 40% ABV. The aroma was sweet malt with peaches, tropical fruits, vanilla, and a low hint of oak. The flavor was sweet peach, more tropical fruit, pineapple, low vanilla, very slight oak, passing impressions of leather, and a peppery finish. The alcohol was quite restrained until post consumption which reminds everyone this is an Irish Whiskey. After thoroughly enjoying The Irishman Founder’s Reserve I fully expected this one to be wonderful and the truth is it just didn’t blow my socks off. At $40-45 it’s $15-20 more than Founder’s Reserve which is a much more interesting glass of Irish Whiskey. So drink it if you have it, but choose the less expensive path if you’re in the market for a bottle.

No matter what, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

PS: Wash those hands!!!