A friend who judges Scotch suggested I snag a bottle of Highland Park 12 Year Old Viking Honour Single Malt Scotch Whisky so I did. The bottle just so happened to be on special at NCABC for $50 and the price escalated this month so the timing to snag a bottle was perfect. This Single Malt Scotch is 86 proof/43% abv and pays homage to the area’s Viking roots. At first I was quite disappointed in the bottle as it just didn’t trip my trigger. I kept trying it with similar results until at least 2/3 of the bottle had been drained and suddenly my impression changed. I typically never pass initial judgement and in this case that proved to be the best course. The aroma is filled with floral sweet malt, leather, brown sugar, a light alcohol presence, and citrus. The flavor had a very low subtle peat note, citrus, floral notes, sweet malt, leather, and a low alcohol note. The finish was quite pleasant with low peat, citrus, leather, and alcohol lasting into the aftertaste. As I mentioned I was initially not a fan and felt the bottle lacked complexity. Later I came around and believe most anyone who likes a subtle presence of smoke would enjoy this bottle. At 50 beans it’s a must have, but at the current NCABC price of $60 it’s just a tad bit too high. If you find a 50 buck or less bottle snag it and enjoy!