Not quite sure where I picked up a bottle of Oban 14 along the way. NCABC runs with a street price of $95 and there is no way I would have paid that much. I’m thinking I picked this up for $60-70 somewhere along the way. Anyway, the proof on this is 86 which rings in at 43% ABV. This one I found nice from start to finish. It’s an enjoyable glass with a nose filled with fruits (dark and dried), light spice, low alcohol, and a pleasant sweet undertone of malt. The flavor was similarly restrained yet complex with sweet malt, dried fruit, retrained low alcohol, light pepper spice, and a low presence of leather. The OBAN website mentioned salt and I can see a bit of that, but I don’t want anyone to think of this as salty, it’s just a subtle flavor which provides complexity as opposed to a briny nature. Unfortunately at NCABC pricing this is a pass for me. I cannot bring myself to shell out a Benjamin for a bottle unless my socks blow across the room. In MA it sells for $65, in SC it is $90, in VA it is $80, and in NJ it is $75. If I could snag it for $65 it’s going to be in the bar all the time, however at NC or SC prices it’s a bit too much for my tastes. Anyway if you see a bottle for $75 or less buy it and drain it.