It took nearly forever to find a bottle of J.T.S Brown Bottled In Bond and finally had to break down and buy a case due to North Carolina’s messed up liquor system.  In some states you can find it for as little as $10 per bottle, but NC requires you to buy a 12 bottle case of it at $12.40 per bottle. As you are probably aware it is a Heaven Hill product and resides everywhere on the bottom shelf.  It’s so bottom shelf that Heaven Hill doesn’t even provide information on their website for this Bourbon. Reviews seem to be mixed online, but the main reason is snobbery. Despite being a bottom dweller on the shelf, this Bourbon shines like a diamond. Is it going to wow and amaze, no, but as a daily drinker this Bourbon is quite alluring. It starts with the aroma of brown sugar, cinnamon, and pepper spice coupled to hints of oak. Then the flavor component of more sugar, cinnamon, pepper, leather, and oak takes over. The finish leaves you with leather and oak with a nice warming aspect from the alcohol and a pleasant brown sugar aftertaste. If you live in NC there are a few ABC stores which have this available if you ask, otherwise prepare to buy a case. Otherwise look down and snag a bottle of this Bourbon. It will never fly off the shelves, but I can imagine a day where you will not have it available.