This year Old Forester released 100 proof Rye and the price point was a winner. I snagged it at full price which was 25 bones or so and it has since gone on sale for 20 and change. While the complexity is low, when the rye is coupled with a very nice flavor which will work well in any mixed drink. I typically look for a neat libation and this one presents with an initial sweetness and hints of rye. The aroma has rye, pepper, and oak with a subtle sweetness while the flavor has more pronounced spice essence, brown sugar, and oak. The finish has linger oak into the aftertaste with rye characteristics.  While this one is not crazy beautiful it would be an excellent mixer or enjoyed neat when the beverage of choice is one without a strong complex flavor. Give it a whirl if you get a chance there is not much to lose mixed or neat.