Due to seeing Rittenhouse Rye Bottled-In-Bond utilized in many bars as a house rye I snagged a bottle to give it a whirl. The bottle typically retails for $25 at NCABC, but I think I picked mine up a few bucks cheaper. After loving Old Overholt Bonded, I figured Rittenhouse would be outstanding. The first night I tried it I found it overly sweet. On another night it presented as slightly spicy, but missing complexity. After the first two innocent encounters I decided to do a little soul searching with the rest of the bottle.  The rye aroma and flavor is notable, but not complex. Alcohol is really only had a role in the post consumption warming. The sweetness I perceived at a high level with the first drink from the bottle, was actually a little more restrained. Still Rittenhouse was sweet malt in the aroma and flavor and presented with a candy character. The bottom line is if I had to choose between Old Overholt and Rittenhouse I would choose Old Overholt. Both are tasty Bottled-In-Bond ryes, but Rittenhouse is a bit too sweet and lacks complexity. Give both a try and make up your own mind.