I happened upon Sensei Whiskey at Costco  liquor store and with a $25 price point figured why not. The 40% ABV Whiskey was a bit of a mystery with little information available. It’s a blend of five different Whiskeys including American, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, and Japanese. One would think with an everything but the kitchen sink Whiskey the flavor would be perfection, unfortunately this one is a bit too sweet. The flavors are cherry, vanilla, and sugar with hints of leather and cinnamon spice. The alcohol was restrained and only came forward in the warming post consumption. If you like a sweet Whiskey or need something for mixing this might be worthwhile, but neat in the glass this is a pass for me especially seeing the price point for this is often $10-15 higher than I paid. Try it if you must, otherwise leave it on the shelf for someone else.