Some time back Writer’s Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey was on sale at NCABC so I picked up a bottle and went to the counter. They rang it up and I paid and then realized the price was wrong. I asked and they indicated the set with glasses was what was on sale not the single bottle. This was just about the most ridiculous thing I had heard, but they voided the single bottle and sold me the gift set at the reduced price. Writer’s Tears is priced at the top end of what I am willing to pay for Irish Whiskey so I was hopeful it was spectacular. The tall thin bottle is an imperfect size for our bar so I didn’t pay much attention to the level until I realized a few days ago the bottle was almost drained. The nose is restrained alcohol with an apple ester coupled to vanilla and a caramel sweetness. The flavor was filled with a balanced caramel sweetness, light alcohol, apple, and light spice. The finish was very pleasant with lingering apple and light alcohol with a hint of chocolate. The 80 proof whiskey is restrained and tasty and has a nice complexity, but the $35 price point on sale won’t lead me to keep it stocked in the bar while other Irish Whiskeys I enjoy more are available at a lower price. Give it a whirl if you haven’t and make up your own mind. It’s tasty, but very restrained.