Last year Ezra Brooks released Old Ezra Extra Aged which was a barrel strength Bourbon ringing in at 117 proof.  The $40 price tag was quite a bit higher than the previous Old Ezra bottom shelf variant which was quite good so I had high hopes. The earlier made a heck of cocktail and while not especially complex, was also a decent drinker. I’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with the new one. At times I find it interesting and at others not so much. As I drain the bottle tonight I guess I land in the middle of the road on this one. The nose is cinnamon, spice, alcohol, leather, and oak coupled to brown sugar. The flavor was less complex, but still somehow charming with impressions of spice, especially cinnamon, low alcohol, leather, and again oak with brown sugar. The aftertaste had light lasting cinnamon, alcohol, and brown sugar. It’s a nice glass all things considered, but for some reason the price of admission seems just a tad bit high. If you haven’t had it and run into a bottle then take it home and give it a whirl.