A friend told me I should try Jim Beam Repeal Batch and so I went in search of a bottle. The 86 proof Bourbon pays tribute to Beam’s first batch of Bourbon after Prohibition ended. While it is tasty and at an economical price point of $17 it’s just tad bit on the boring side. It has a little of everything and not much of anything. It’s a touch of sweet, a touch of oak, a hint of pepper spice, a bit of leather, a little sweetness, etc. I could discuss the aroma, flavor, and finish, but why waste the time to go into great detail on a Bourbon which is a muted conglomeration of a myriad of aromas and flavors. I can think of less expensive Bourbons which are more flavorful and complex. Not for Beam fans this is a must have or at least a must try. Will I go out and snag another bottle, no way, but if someone asked if I wanted a pour I would certainly take her for a spin around the dance floor. So if you are a Beam fan be sure to snag a bottle, otherwise you might want to let it gather dust on the shelf unless you spot it on sale.