I’m a sucker for anything Bottled In Bond and have been trying to work my way through many of the old standards. One which had proven elusive in NC is Mellow Corn which is a Heaven Hill brand. NCABC has it on the special order list, but you cannot go to the ABC store and pick it up. I happened upon a bottle at a crappy liquor store in Tennessee and brought it home. From the get go this was not a favorite which may explain why it has hung out in the bar for so long. It lacks complexity and seems to be defined by an alcoholic nose which is filled with corn. The flavor is very similar with the addition of sweetness, oak, and leather. The finish lingers with more light oak and leather and an alcohol burn which seems a bit high for only 100 proof. If you are willing to order a case of 12 you can get MC from NCABC for $10.55 per bottle. I think at the crappy TN liquor store I paid $13. While I don’t hate it, it’s just not a go to for me and it just a bit difficult to consume. Of course if you want a complete journey through Bottled In Bond you cannot overlook Mellow Corn.