I happened to notice NCABC was having a sale on The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey and searched high and low and finally snagged a $25 bottle a few months back. Turns out the search was worth it. This 40% abv Irish Whiskey is matured in Oak Bourbon Casks which may explain why I liked it so much. The aroma was filled with fruit, light pepper, oak, and a sweet citrus note. The flavor had a delicate sweet malt character with light citrus, fruit, pepper, oak, and hints of leather. The finish had just enough alcohol to remind you this was a spirit, but enough residual sweetness to keep you reaching for the glass to take another sip. As far as Irish Whiskeys go this one actually showed some complexity and was quite interesting. It doesn’t appear to be going on sale anytime soon so snag yourself a bottle at full NC retail which is currently $30 and enjoy. Now I’m on the hunt for the 8 year old version!