As I continue working my way through the 1792 lineup I find them all to be quite tasty. The latest bottle consumed is no exception. 1792 Bottled In Bond is a lower proof than most of the 1792 lineup at 100 proof due to the BiB designation. The recipe for this is touted for having a high rye content which isn’t readily apparent, but isn’t hidden either. The price of admission according to NCABC is 38 beans, but I think I paid a bit more. The aroma was filled with pepper spice and cinnamon with hints of rye and wafts of alcohol. The flavor was caramel with an oak presence coupled to estery banana and light rye spice. The finish has more of the ester with hints of pepper and cinnamon. For me it was tasty, but I would not run out and stand in line for another bottle. A tad bit high in the ester and alcohol department. It could be each yearly release is slightly different so if I run into another bottle I may pick it up to see if my impression is consistent. So for me it’s a coin toss as to whether you should snag a bottle or leave it for someone else. Probably my least favorite 1792 thus far, but still a tasty glass.