I was lucky enough to score a bottle of Shenk’s at a NC ABC store by locating it using their online search. A buddy picked up the $40 bottle and it took awhile for me to pick it up. The reviews were very good and the secondary market pricing was fairly high so I went in with great expectations. This 2018 release was bottle 2560 of 2691 and batch 180322. The 91.2 proof Bourbon was estery when first opened with a strong banana presence. That seemed to lessen as the bottle found shelf time and became more pronounced of alcohol with brown sugar and citrus. Lurking just behind was oak with a hint of funk and leather. The flavor was muted with oak and that subtle hint of funk with more brown sugar and a bit of pepper spice. Alcohol never lets you forget it is there with an aftertaste of oak, pepper, sugar and a lasting burn which only fades after more than a minute in the mouth and much longer in the throat. While it isn’t hot, it is alcohol centric which I actually found slightly off-putting. At $40 it seems just a bit over priced and I would not want to shell out more. On the other hand this is a more or less seasonal release from Michter’s so a 2019 could be a different animal. If you see it and it’s reasonable priced it might be worth a whirl. It’s not a favorite, but the cost of admission isn’t too extravagant so try it if you find it. It might just be your cup of tea.