Not long ago NCABC put Slane Irish Whiskey on sale for $28 so I decided to snag a bottle. From what I can gather the whiskey is blended from malt and grain whiskey and matured in three different casks including Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, and Sherry.  The age is unknown, but at least three years to be Irish Whiskey from Ireland. While some reviews seemed mixed I found it to be quite delicious. (Please note I find almost everything aged in Sherry to be delicious.) It is sweet on the palate as are most Irish Whiskeys, but had a nice backbone of oak and hints of delicious Sherry. It has a mild aroma and flavor of leather and despite being on the sweet side is balanced by the oak and barrel aging. The only hints of alcohol are post consumption and the dark fruit flavors make this quite delicious although not especially complex. I know if I find it for $28 or less it will find it’s way back home again. Give this one a whirl, I think you will enjoy the ride.