Some time back I happened upon a bottle of Wake County ABC 1792 Single Barrel on display and grabbed the $40 bottle figuring I could circle back and snag another at some point in the future. The 98.6 proof Bourbon is plentiful so I wrongly assumed it would be simple to snag another at some point in the future. After contacting Wake ABC and some missteps I learned it was actually a pick from late 2014 which was out in 2015. The bottles on the shelf in 2018 were some found in the warehouse and distributed to a single store. So while 1792 Single Barrel is plentiful the Wake County ABC pick is over and done. This crazy beautiful Bourbon was stellar and worth every single penny. The nose resonated with light pepper, cinnamon, and brown sugar with hints of oak. The flavor was delicious with leather, pepper, cinnamon, brown sugar, caramel, and finish which is just off dry with lasting impressions of all the spice and malt long into the aftertaste. The alcohol is just present enough to let you know it was there and hidden behind the flavor to never be overwhelming. If possible I would snag all of this I could find, but because it is now MIA all I can do is urge you to seem out other 1792 Single Barrel picks in search of another bottle which might be similar to the Wake County pick. A truly incredible Bourbon which was worth every penny of the price of admission.