After the collapse of the barrel house at 1792 in Kentucky, I figured it was time to pick up some before they increased the price. The first bottle opened was 1792 Small Batch. With a price point of $30 this bottle is an affordable drop. The 93.7 proof Bourbon is higher than most Small Batch Bourbons on the market with the exception of those Bottled-in-Bond. The nose is filled with brown sugar, caramel, leather, and oak with hints of spice. The flavor has a distinct flavor of brown sugar and caramel, and though it has initial sweetness it soon dries with leather, oak, and alcohol. The aftertaste is light oak and leather with a long slow warming which reminds you this Bourbon has a slightly higher than normal proof. If you don’t have a bottle of this in your bar you should snag several. While not the most complex Bourbon on the block the affordable price point coupled to the aroma and flavor attributes make this a Bourbon you should have. Go get some and give it a whirl!
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