Not long ago the ABC system put Old Pulteney 12 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky on sale for $39.95 so I picked up a bottle. It took a bit of searching to even find the bottle in the first place and so I was rather excited when I finally had a chance to crack it open. That was where the joy ends, this one just wasn’t exciting or flavorful enough to keep me interested. It has a very light aroma and flavor of peat which was not off-putting, but just didn’t bring much to the party. The post consumption alcohol warming was similarly out of whack. It was just a bit hot for only being 86 proof.  The sweetness which you normally find in a Single Malt which is not peat centric was MIA and the finish was darn close to bone dry. This is the Whisky for someone looking for a touch of peat and a dry alcoholic finish. If that is what you are after than snag a bottle of this, however if you are like me, this is going to be a pass, especially at a 40 bean price point.