I picked up a bottle of Wild Turkey Longbranch after seeing a post where someone mentioned they liked it. At 40 beans a bottle it hits a price point where you have to carefully consider if you will spend the coin or not. The Boubon was the brainchild of the good folks at Wild Turkey in conjunction with Matthew McConaughey and incorporates Texas mesquite in the flavor. I struggled on my first four or five glasses finding the mequite, but as the bottle contained less contents the flavor was more pronounced and easier to distinguish. The flavor of this 86 proof Bourbon is restrained and has an aroma of leather, oak, cinnamon, mesquite, pear, and just a hint of nail polish. The flavor showcases brown sugar, caramel, black pepper, mesquite (at a subtle level), oak, and caramel. The alcohol is restrained throughout and only really plays a part post consumption. While I did not find this overly complex, I really did find the flavor grew on me over many samplings. At $40 it is just on the line as to something to keep around all the time, or something to have as a one and done. Any less than $40 and the decision would be to keep it full time because of the light mesquite. Any more than $40 and it should stay on the shelf as opposed to following me home. If you see it at a $40 or less price point then snag it and give it a whirl. If it is more, wait for it to go on sale.