I remember watching the aftermath of the shooting which occurred in Parkland, FL and seeing David Hogg interviewed and later making commentary on CBS News Sunday Morning and thought what an intelligent young man. I also felt for all he must have been through during the shooting which took 17 lives. Later it surfaced he may have been coached, oh heck, he WAS coached in his responses. Regardless he still experienced the shooting and was certainly affected by it.

On 60 Minutes they featured the high school students from Parkland and of course Time has them on the cover. Yesterday a video surfaced of a woman discussing the “rally” on Saturday in DC and the lack of permits, where they were going illegally, and firms who supposedly has financed the trip when the reality is those firms are not providing transportation. She is a teacher and was coaching the kids on how to act, what to wear, and what to say. She mentioned throughout the experience they would have teachers with them. It got me wondering if this group of students is leading the charge as they asserted on 60 Minutes or if it’s the adults who run the show.

Anyway, last night I happened upon a YouTube video of David Hogg entitled, “David Hogg is the NRA’s worst nightmare, and he’s just getting started,” by The Outline. I was listening to the video and besides figuring out Hogg used the most profane sentence structure to enunciate his thoughts, I happened to catch a statement made at ~5:40 into the 9 minute video which made me rewind and listen again. The Outline has part of video written on their website, but neatly omits that portion. Here is what I heard, listen and see if you hear the same thing.

David Hogg: So honestly it’s been a great thing because people are becoming more critical thinkers and becoming more politically active as a result. It’s also been great advertising for me. Uhh, in terms of acting, because I don’t give a **** what people say about me, but they quadrupled my twitter following, they’ve done a great job of that.

Previous to that statement the people conducting the interview touched on the crisis actor conspiracy theories so some might say the term actor and advertising were a response to those previous questions, but I don’t buy that argument. In candid interviews he tends to say what’s on his mind without thinking and judging by the volume of profane statements this was a candid interview and he was speaking his mind without thinking. We’ll see what the future holds. I suspect you’ll see him as a commentator on the news and eventually as a reporter. That is unless he continues to do candid interviews laced with profanity and discussing how the tragic event in Parkland has been great advertising.