The almost empty bottle of Old Forester Single Barrel from Augusta Liquors has been sitting in the bar for far too long so tonight I decided to bid it a fond farewell. The label for the 90 proof Bourbon indicated it was from Floor 5 of Warehouse G and bottled for Augusta Liquors in 2016. I found it in Augusta of course and I think the price for admission was around $55. The spicy nose was filled with cinnamon and pepper on top of a backbone of brown sugar and oak. Alcohol tickled the nose hairs letting you know this one held a bit of a burn. Also present was a fruity and floral note and a hint of orange citrus. The flavor was a tad bit hot on a clean palate as the alcohol let you know you were drinking a Bourbon which packs some punch. The main flavor had hints of leather, oak, citrus, all wrapped in a smooth brown sugar and caramel flavor. The finish was dry with alcohol and a lasting impression of leather and oaky char. Some may want to tame the beast with a cube or a splash which would allow the Bourbon to open up a bit and tame the burn. Should I run into another bottle somewhere I would probably snag one since this one was quite nice it isn’t too much of a stretch to think another barrel would be just as tasty. If you find it, I suggest you give it a whirl.