Sometime last year I spotted the 16 Year Old Kirkland Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky for $49 at a Costco liquor store. I passed on the opportunity for a purchase on a few occasions, but finally succumbed to curiosity during a recent visit to a Costco liquor location. Reviews had been mixed and the price point was very good for a 16 year old scotch. At 80 proof the Scotch was never hot and worked quite well neat in a glass.¬† The Scotch was aged in Bourbon casks, but most of that character IMO was contained in the alcohol presence which was not overwhelming. The flavors which came to mind were chocolate, honey, leather, tobacco, vanilla, and a bit of oak. The aroma was floral, with chocolate, caramel, honey, and leather. While it was a quite enjoyable glass, it really didn’t seem complex enough to command the 50 bean price point. The sweetness was enough to balance the alcohol and perhaps just a tad bit high. I liked the whisky, but cannot see purchasing another bottle when a handle of 12 year old blended is better more than double the volume and a $38 price of admission. Give it a try if you are the type of whisky aficionado who has to try everything, otherwise I’d suggest you find something more interesting and spend your money on that.