This morning I awoke to learn of the tragedy which happened last night in Las Vegas when a single gunman was positioned in a high rise and shot down into a crowd of 40,000 attending a concert. The police have indicated one person caused this tragedy and he acted alone. Early reports indicate he had at least ten rifles and shot into the crowd for at least ten minutes killing at least 50 with more than 400 transported to the hospital.  I watched some videos and it the gunshots came rapid fire as if the firearm was fully automatic. Those weapons are highly regulated and legal owners are registered or criminals have illegally converted the firearm to be fully automatic. Crimes committed with machine guns are few and far between.

The events in Las Vegas are terrible and the facts are not yet known. I hope society will focus on the victims and their families because they need our support as those who were injured heal from their wounds and the families of those who were killed mourn the loss of their loved ones.